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Your Amazon Purchases Benefit Gay League

Hi there! We’d like to take a couple moments of your time to mention ways that you and your friends and family can help support this site and its new contributors without any cost to you – especially in the next few days and weeks leading up to Christmas and any time of year – any time you purchase from Amazon! That’s a lot of potential credit when you think about all of Amazon’s products and third party vendors! And don’t worry – Amazon doesn’t share information about buyers with any affiliate so your privacy in that regard is assured.

Here are some options to help Gay League benefit from your purchases the next time you visit Amazon.

Option 1 is simply to save this link as bookmark to Amazon’s main page and use it to go to Amazon!

With option 2 you can install an extension for your browser if you use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Chrome users can search for the Amazing Affiliate extension and click to install.
Once installed, you can go to Chrome’s Extension Options or simply right click the new icon in the bar, or go to extensions –> amazing affiliate link –> options

Then add gayleaguecom-20 to the section for Amazon (US).

You can hide the new icon if it bothers you by right clicking it and choosing “hide button”.

Firefox users can search for AffiliateFox in the Extensions Options and install it.

After you’ve installed it, go to Firefox’s Add-on options (Open Firefox hold ‘Ctr Shift A’ on windows, or ‘? Shift A’ on Mac, navigate to AffiliateFox Addon, and click options or click on the 3 horizontal bar icon in the far upper right of your browser).

Add in gayleaguecom-20 to the US Amazon Link section.


Safari users will want to download Lex Friedman’s extension which can be found here. I don’t have Safari installed on this computer so no pics to show though the steps should should look similar.
Click on the second link on that page to start your download/install.
After you’ve got it installed, go to Safari’s preferences (open Safari and hold ‘Ctrl + ,’ on windows, or ‘? ,’ on Mac).
Then go to Extensions, and select Affiliateizer.
Once you’ve done that, remove all the default affiliate codes that this extension came with, and add gayleaguecom-20 to the top Amazon Link section.

A note about using the browser extensions. These three extensions will overwrite other sites’ affiliate codes if you already support other sites or charities that are Amazon affiliates by clicking Amazon links on their sites. Please consider using the bookmark option first mentioned above if you want to continue to support those sites AND have the option of also occasionally supporting Gay League.

So, if you have a little time (and doesn’t it already feel like it’s in short supply?) that’s how your future purchases can benefit Gay League contributors! No pressure! No guilt! The extension tips will work for any site that’s an Amazon affiliate as long as you have their code.

Thanks for your consideration! Peace, love, and good comics to all!

November 25, 2015
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