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Xavin is a Skrull in the Marvel universe, an extraterrestrial species with the ability to change form as they choose. As such though Xavin’s natural gender began as male, it remains fluid, much to the frustration of some of his teammates on the Runaways. Xavin first came to earth  in order to marry Karolina Dean, a fellow alien on the Runaways team. When Karolina insisted she couldn’t marry Xavin because she was a lesbian, Xavin quickly changed genders to a female, and explained that it wasn’t an important issue for him. While in the Runaways Xavin usually appeared as a black female, but changed into a male occasionally when needed. Karolina eventually grew to resent this, and felt that she didn’t know whether she was dating a male or female. When Xavin revealed that under times of stress she automatically reverts to female form, the Runaways and Karolina took this to mean that Xavin was now fully female-identified.

Xavin is often argumentative and questions Nico’s, the Runaways leader, decisions. She has a tendency to rush into situations without thinking them fully out and reverts to Skrull customs when at times, it is inappropriate. Despite this, she shows a strong loyalty to the other Runaways, due to her being an orphan herself, and takes their side even over her own species.

During an invasion by Karolina’s species, Xavin shapeshifted into Karolina and took her place in order to take Karolina’s punishment on her home world.

Xavin created by Brian K Vaughn and Adrian Alphona. Xavin first appeared in Runaways # 7, volume 2. Xavin last appeared in Runaways #38 (2021). Art by Andres Genolet and Dee Cuniffe.

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