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Wuvable Oaf Goodies Galore Giveaway!

The end of July is almost here and it’s time, hell, it’s past time! – for another giveaway! To make up for practicing my power of super procrastination, there’ll be not one, not two, and not even three, but FOUR separate prizes! Take a moment to compose yourself! Did I hear you ask “what are the prizes?” Well, of course not! I may get a little depressed now and then, but I don’t hear voices! But you want to know what they are and I want to tell you! If you’ve visited here over the past three years you’ve probably come across a post or review about the gentle giant Wuvable Oaf and his friends from the uber talented and charming Ed Luce. And it’s okay if you weren’t already aware of my cartoon love affair with Oaf. Just search the wuvable oaf or Ed Luce tags! And before going any further, Ed deserves a big bear hug for his generosity in providing all these items! Go check out Wuvable Oaf or here on Facebook or Ed Luce on Facebook  and come back here!

Prizes are as follows:

1. Wuvable Oaf issues #0 – 3

2. A copy of Wuvable Oaf Kisses Kerry King/ Rawk Gawdz one shot. Numbered #144 out of 300

3. A Wuvable Oaf DIY Doll kit, containing front and back patterns, special pink finishing thread and instruction booklet. (Do not sew while drinking! Sticking yourself with a needle is your fault, bub!)

4. A Wuvable Oaf 100% heavy cotton Fruit of the Loom t-shirt featuring an homage Incredible Hulk design. This shirt size is large and they tend not to shrink, at least not much.

Here’s how you can enter for one of these prizes:

Write a comment. Even better if you’re creative! Maybe you’ll be inspired to make a piece of Wuvable Oaf inspired art? You’ll have to send attachments via email to glajoe at gayleague dot com. Are you unfamiliar with Wuvable Oaf but want to indulge your curiosity? Now’s the time! Already an Oaf lover but hoping to score something else? Hey! This giveaway is for you too! Just be sure to name which of the four you’d like to have.

Entry period is from July 30 till August, 7th 11:59 Eastern. One entry per person. By entering the contest you attest that you are at least 18 years old and a resident of the United States.

Brian sent an image of himself and Wuvable Oaf!

March 7, 2015
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