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Bringing a punk-rock attitude to literature.

New next-gen publisher GUNGNIR aims to bring the heart of punk rock to the publishing world. Partnering with leading comic and graphic novel distributor Diamond Books, GUNGNIR’S titles will appear in stores such as Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart and more. GUNGNIR’s digital graphic novels will be found at the emerging technology powerhouse Global Comix. Amazon’s Audible will house the audio renditions. All products can also be ordered online at WWW.GUNGNIRBOOKS.COM

Like the staff of Odin, GUNGNIR will inspire the next generation of dreamers and thinkers through thought-provoking, mind-bending science fiction& genre books. Today’s philosophers are tomorrow’s creators who dream about all the possible futures. Starting in 2024, we will deliver compelling characters, awe-inspiring worldbuilding, and undeniably emotional stories.

GUNGNIR will publish graphic novels, prose novels, and art books in hardcover form with new, unique, and limited covers for each edition of every title. Blasting out of the gate with a stunning publishing slate (see full schedule below), bringing 4-8 new titles to market per year.

Our first book, MUTANT CATS, Rick and Morty meets Aqua Teen tale by the creative studio Herø Projects and the Mutant Cats brand will be released May 7th, 2024.

On April 9th, 2024, GUNGNIR  will distribute the new Steve Aoki and Jim Krueger HiROQUESTGenesis & Double Helix. Originally part of the sold out HiROQUEST bundle on, the book is part prose and part graphic novel. We dive into the tale of Hiro who must save our world by seeking out ten rings of incredible power from ten different worlds.  From mutants to goblins to zombies to giants to even death itself, Hiro will have to do everything necessary to save those he loves… regardless of the price.  After all, that’s what heroes do, right?

GUNGNIR will also publish original titles from former Marvel creative director and best selling author Jim Krueger.

CHUPACABRA: Tales Of Blood & Ink, created by Matthew Medney with art by Kyle Faehnrich, this title is in partnership with Candle Media’s Exile Content Group, and is set for release June 18th.

With a dynamic roster of creators from author Stefan Petrucha whose published with Marvel, Penguin Random House, Disney/Egmont and more, to Matthew Medney, Don Macnab-Stark, Joe Harris, writer of Marvel, DC, and X-Filecomics,

Raquel Woodruff, Jonathan Ball, G.M.B Chomichuk, DC Comics lore master Robert Greenberger, and best-selling author of Kaiju Score James Patrick. 

GUNGNIR’S artists range from Brazilian talent Caio Cacau, the strange and otherworldly David Genchi, Elis Zill, Goons & Goblins (Kyle Faehnrich), Andrea Milana, all the way to the inspired art of Lorenza Pigliamosche. 

With NYT Best Selling author and producer Johnathan McClain (Executive Producer of The Outfit), best-selling indie comics author Morgan Rosenblum, Jonny Handler, Pete Voodoo Bownz Russo, Wonder WomanandScarlet Witch’s Steve Orlando, and aerospace engineer John Connelly, GUNGNIR will provide an ongoing platform to both legends and rising stars.

GUNGNIR will work with sister company Iconic Arts, a next-gen IP studio, to bring these stories and more to various media, including games, live experiences, and film & television. Iconic Arts uses innovative, proprietary transmedia tools, bolstered by technology that mitigates risk and optimizes performance. Iconic Arts and GUNGNIR will collaborate on the forthcoming franchise ZERO DAY; an original idea from the creative minds at Iconic Arts.

And we couldn’t do any of it without an amazing staff. Comics veteran Steve Orlando will helm GUNGNIR as its Executive Editor, with the incomparable Jim Krueger as Editor-in-Chief. Paul Reed will helm the marketing duties, bringing a new flare and attitude to the publishing industry. Paul has spearheaded marketing for events such as Life-In-Color (formerly DayGlow) and Shaq’s Fun House. He’s built brands the likes of Daymond John’s Black Entrepreneur Day and Rob Gronkowski’s Gronk Beach, and has sold more than 10 million tickets within the events sphere.

GUNGNIR will also leverage the expertise of Launchboom ( to create, implement, and execute Kickstarter campaigns as an early adopter program for GUNGNIR’S titles. However, each campaign’s success level will not dictate the vitality of the titles’ future.

Tracey Daniels, through Media Masters Publicity Consultants, will handle all inquiries and media requests. MMP has helped launch and scale various publishers, including First Second Publishing and their marquee title, American Born Chinese.

GUNGNIR is represented by Danny Hertz at the Gotham Group. For inquiries regarding its published works, please contact

All social media can be found @gungnirbooks

To learn more about GUNGNIR, visit


At GUNGNIR, we believe the right stories deserve to be discovered.

We believe creators deserve a spotlight, a gateway to the broad, energized audiences hungry for journeys of inspiration, tales of might, and sagas of magnitude… adventures that challenge and delight.

We live the attitude of punk rock, manifested by the power of subversive storytelling. GUNGNIR is the tip of the spear.

Everyone at GUNGNIR shares these ideals, and our mission is not to conform to platforms or genres but to redefine them. When a story needs to be told, it must be told!

Break the norms. Resist the machineHave the time of your life. That’s the GUNGNIR way.

Until now, publishing has been a fortified castle, walled tight, its gates sealed. GUNGNIR demands new blood, and we’re here to draw it.  We’ll cut through decades of entrenched norms to support our next generation of dreamers and thinkers while empowering them to dream deeper and imagine greater.

Like our namesake, GUNGNIR, the staff of Odin the All-Father, we will create and guard a new realm, tending to an unprecedented sandbox for legends old and new. We will provide an ecosystem where complex ideas can be developed, nurtured, and brought to life.

GUNGNIR knows that today’s fresh creators are 21st Century philosophers, provocateurs, and mythmakers.. Their voices, ideas, and inspired views of society will ignite the conversations that shape tomorrow. We’re here to stand watch as new worlds grow. The first and best defense against the mundane dark might seem like a blade.

The full 2024 Publishing schedule is as follows:

2024 DATES Authors/ Artists
HiRQOQUEST Graphic Novel / Prose Novel 4/9/2024 Steve Aoki, Jim Krueger
MUTANT CATS Graphic Novel 5/7/2024 Morgan Rosenblum, Matthew Medney, Alex Arizmendi
CHUPACABRA Graphic Novel 6/18/2024 Matthew Medney, Kyle “Goons & Goblins” Faehnrich
Stable (Second Printing) Graphic Novel 7/16/2024  Morgan Rosenblum, Matthew Medney, Francesco Pisa
Beyond Kuiper: The Galactic Star Alliance (Third Printing) Prose Novel 8/13/2024 John Connelly, Matthew Medney, UT
Above The Ground (Second Printing) Prose Novel 9/3/2024 Robert Greenberger, Matthew Medney
Aeon: At The End Of Time, Judgement Has Its Jury Graphic Novel 10/1/2024 Joe Harris, Matthew Medney, John Connelly, Lorenza Pigliamosche
Existence Equation: What Is The Price Of The Stars Prose Novel 11/12/2024 Matthew Medney, Don Macnab-Stark
The Stars Within Prose Novel 12/10/2024 Stefan Petrucha
January 29, 2024
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