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Art by Michael Avon Oeming

Brian Michael Bendis story in Powers #25 – #30 involves characters loosely based on members of the Justice League/ Super Friends. Only two characters are relevant to the purposes of this entry, Red Hawk and his sidekick Wing, both of whom were affiliated with the group known as Unity. They are modeled on Batman and Robin, as you can see from Wing’s costume. As the story begins to unfold in #25, we learn that a shocking sex tape involving Red Hawk and a costumed, female minor has been leaked to the press. The scene reveals Red Hawk in his high tech headquarters in a converted penthouse  while a news broadcast plays the tape. Red Hawk begins talking to a tall figure standing in the dark, someone familiar to him. He reveals that the tape belongs to him, and has his fingerprints on it and thus his high profile alter ego’s as well. A former girlfriend hired some actors to make the tape as a birthday present. The shrouded figure proceeds to murder Red Hawk.

It isn’t long before a forensics team learns the prints belong to Congressman Clinton Broderick. Detectives Walker and Pilgrim are assigned to the case. They’re sent to New York to question former Unity members and to find the whereabouts of Wing, Red Hawk’s former sidekick. After its members disbanded the group, Unity began to operate as a for-profit organization selling merchandise. Shortly after their arrival, Ultrabright surprises the detectives by handing over Wing.

During the course of questioning (issue #26), a highly emotional Wing reveals a secret to Walker and Pilgrim. Wing relates that he realized at age 17 he had fallen in love with Red Hawk, and decided to keep it to himself. Years later after a particularly exciting case was solved, Wing made a pass at Hawk. The older hero took it badly. He beat Wing severely enough to break an arm and require hospitalization. During this time, Red Hawk had Wing’s possessions moved into a small apartment across town. Hawk’s lawyer arrived at Wing’s bedside with a check for $750,000 and a confidentiality agreement. It’s assumed that Wing gave up being a superhero, and started living a mundane life. At the point when Red Hawk is murdered, Wing has lived in San Diego for some time where he teaches a wine making class at a local community center. Wing is released and presumably returns to his life in San Diego.

Wing had no super powers. He possessed greater than average physical strength, agility, and stamina.

Wing first appeared in Powers #25 (volume 1) and was confirmed gay in issue #26.

Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming. Art by Oeming and Peter Pantazis from Powers #25.

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September 30, 2021
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