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Willy Pete

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Willy Pete is a self-described fire elemental, who takes his name from the military slang term for white phosphorus.  His body is constantly flaming and super-heated, and he is stuck in a state of constant horniness.  In order to satisfy these urges, he forces himself on any available victim.  Due to his super-heated state this rape is always fatal for the victim, and Willy Pete sodomizes his victim’s eye sockets, since that is the part of the human body that is able to endure his super-heated manhood long enough for him to satisfy himself.  His super-heated body not only kills his victims, but also cooks them–and he then eats the corpses once he has finished.

Willy Pete doesn’t seem to have any particular preference in terms of the gender of his victims, since it isn’t about love or attraction–its just about satisfying his physical urges.  In fact, Willy Pete has commented “I’m all about th’ diversity when it comes t’ th’ folks I **** to death”.  However he has been known to comment on finding some of his victims sexy or attractive–but given that he is in a constant state of arousal, it is impossible to say for certain what preferences (if any) he truly has.  He does have a preference for superhuman victims though, since their bodies are usually more durable and therefore allow him to satisfy his urges longer before they give out.

The earliest known incident with Willy Pete was a number of years ago involving the Witless Minions, a group that served as the flunkies of various supervillains but would ultimately betray them and steal their high-tech equipment or weapons and sell them.  However Willy Pete caught on to their scam and took his revenge, raping the men to death.  Only the groups leader, Thugboy, managed to escape by temporarily immobilizing Willy Pete with a stolen freeze-ray.  Ever since then Thugboy has been haunted by nightmares of Willy Pete, who in the the dreams vows to hunt him down and finish what he started.  Years later Thugboy became romantically involved with associate Super-Homeys member Empowered, who encouraged her teammates to apprehend the villain.  The Super-Homeys sent a 10 member squad to ambush Willy Pete, but despite Thugboy’s warnings they seriously under-estimated him and the encounter lead to the deaths of 8 superheroes as well as the destruction of their orbital space station.

Little is known about Willy Pete’s origins or the extent of his powers, but he is extremely powerful.  The limit of how much heat he can generate is unknown, but in one attack the heat output of his blasts was recorded in the 6-digit range.  The telepath Mindf*ck sensed that Willy Pete has a “kludge mind” made up of personality fragments, and declared that he is an artifical personality.  It has been speculated that he has the ability to teleport since he seems to just appear without anyone seeing him approach, but that ability is unconfirmed.  It is also possible that he possesses some form of psychic or telepathic ability, since he seemed to have prior knowledge of the Super-Homey’s attempted ambush (possibly a link through Thugboy’s nightmares of him).

Willy Pete first appears in Empowered Vol 1.

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October 4, 2021
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