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Willingham The Comedian

Current JSA writer Bill Willingham enlists artist Jesus Merino to make a joke with editor Mike Carlin’s blessing. See, when Willingham’s tenure on JSA was announced sometime back in 2009, there was dismay and concern from some gay readers over Obsidian’s use and treatment by the writer with avowed conservative political views. As I recall, Willingham mentioned Obsidian being a favorite character and there were big plans in store for Todd…once he reverted back to human form after being molded into the egg-shaped Darkness Engine.

So today’s JSA (#40) has some meta commentary aimed at those gay fans, myself likely included. It’s nice to have the focus back on Todd, who as another bit of meta commentary alludes, was on “wallpaper duty” as JSA security during Geoff Johns’ run of this volume. As sometimes happens though with writers who follow in the wake of others, it seems Willingham might not have been aware that Marc Andreyko decided to make the grumpy, emo, and once formerly evil Todd a happy go lucky guy in the pages of the severely under-appreciated Manhunter book. So when Todd tells Power Girl, “After years of wallpaper duty, followed by the terrible crucible of my egg time, all of the impurities have been finally burnt out. I’m myself at long last. No anger. No need to extract a reckoning from anyone” we can point to the love of a good man in the form of Damon Matthews who helped Todd be himself several years ago.

Good one, Bill!

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