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William Dawson


William Dawson was an Agent of SHIELD who was in command of the SHIELD perimeter around an evacuated area of New York City following the incident where the Watcher was killed and his knowledge was broadcast into people’s minds in NYC. The Young Avengers were going to the scene to investigate, in search of Noh-Varr’s ex-girlfriend Exterminatrix who was involved with the incident.

Hulkling used his shape-shifting powers to pose as SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson to talk their way past the perimeter. “Coulson” and Dawson shared a friendly exchange and he convinced Dawson to let them through. After the com-link was severed Prodigy called out Hulkling for flirting with Dawson, but Hulkling retorted that Dawson started it.

Dawson shared another flirty exchange with “Coulson” when the Young Avengers concluded their mission and turned the civilians they rescued over to SHIELD custody.

Writer Ryan North puts extra narration and jokes into the margins in this story (just as he also does in the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl series) and comments that things may be awkward when the real Coulson runs into Dawson at the SHIELD Christmas Party…”or maybe…not awkward at all”. This whole sequence is playing off the popular speculation in the early years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that Phil Coulson was gay or bisexual, which then extended to the comic book version once he was introduced. Ales Kot wrote the comic version of Coulson as bisexual during his Secret Avengers run, but was not allowed to state it explicitly on-panel.

Agent Dawson first appeared in Original Sins #1 by Ryan North and Ramon Villalobos (2014). Art by Ramon Villalobos.

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September 29, 2021
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