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By Mojo Joseph

Billy Kaplan always knew that he was different from other kids, and he had no problem with that. It was them who had a problem with him. In particular, a school bully named John Kessler.

After one such encounter, leaving Billy bruised and bloody, Billy went to sit in his favourite spot to calm down and sort himself out; outside the Avengers Mansion. He was soon asked by a runner if he was okay, as he was bleeding. Replying that he thought it had stopped, he was amazed to see that the runner was in fact Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a. The Scarlet Witch, Billy’s favourite Avenger.

She talked with Billy and told him to stand his ground, which Billy seemed to think was a poor plan. She insisted that he did have powers and then proceeded to heal Billy of all visible signs of injury.

Of course, Billy did no such thing. He avoided Kessler quite successfully, until he found the bully had a new victim. Whilst he could never stand up for himself, he certainly could stand up for other people. When Kessler attacked Billy, Billy lashed out and almost killed him with new-found lightening powers. Terrified by what had almost happened, he ran all the way to the Avengers Mansion, which by now was ruined and the team Iron Lad at this time approached him and Billy became the lightning wielding Asgardian.

During the first adventure of the Young Avengers, Billy seemed to be very close and friendly with fellow Young Avenger Hulkling, a.k.a. Teddy Altman. This prompted many fans of the new series to guess that maybe they would prove to be gay, and many slashers had fun creating fan fictions about the couple. The surprise came in issue six when the whole thing was laid to rest. After Iron Lad returned to the future to fulfil his destiny as the villainous Kang the Conqueror, it was revealed that

Teddy and Billy were in a relationship with each other. This led to many happy fans, praising Marvel and write Allan Heinberg for their progressiveness. Since this however, their relationship has not been explored very much, other than to show them to have a happy, snarky banter and to genuinely care and worry about each other.

After the end of the first adventure, along with a new costume, Asgardian was given a new costume, and a new code name given that he was not really Asgardian, it barely represented the scope of Billy’s magical powers, and the national joke it would have become when the press found out about his and Teddy’s relationship (Asgardian = Ass Guardian). So he became known as Wiccan instead, which seems to have prompted Billy into studying the Wiccan faith more deeply.

After having some talks with Jessica Jones, former child hero herself, Teddy and Billy decided to go public with their relationship in order to provide positive role models for all gay teenagers out there. It was also around this time that Billy accidentally outed himself to his parents. He and Teddy were speaking about revealing they were superheroes to their parents, when Billy’s walked in on the conversation and assumed they were talking about coming out of the closet. They already had guessed that Billy was gay, and that Teddy was his lover, and they couldn’t be happier for the two.

When Teddy was kidnapped by the Super-Skrull, Billy became distraught, but strengthened in his resolve to save the boy he loved. They decided eventually to seek out help from another teen indicated to have special powers in the Vision’s protocols, a boy named Tommy, who was incarcerated for ‘accidentally’ blowing up his school. When they went to free the boy, all were shocked to find that he looked exactly like Billy but with blonde hair. After a brief skirmish, they went in search of their
kidnapped team-mate, not having time to figure out this new peculiarity.

After rescuing Teddy and the Super-Skrull from a Kree attack (see Hulkling profile), Vision II revealed the origins of Billy and Tommy. He revealed that they were the reincarnated essences of the children of Wanda Maximoff, William and Tommy. This was more or less what many fans had predicted, and will probably prove as popular with the fans, as the fact that he is technically the son of the Scarlet Witch was with Billy himself, who had a gushing fan-boy reaction. However, Vision II was knocked offline before he could reveal who was the spiritual father of the boys.

Eventually cornered by the Kree contingent, the Skrull Armada and the New Avengers, a stale mate was drawn. Until Captain America stood in Teddy’s defence stating he was to stay on Earth with them. This instigated a conflict, which has yet to be resolved.

Billy has magical abilities which seem to rely on how hard he can imagine the desired action occurring. The limits of these powers have yet to be defined.

Wiccan first appeared (as Asgardian) in Young Avengers #1 and was confirmed gay in issue #6. The Young Avengers operate primarly in New York City.

Please see the entry for Hulkling.

Created by Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung. Art by Cheung.

All rights reserved Marvel Entertainment

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