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Why Are You Like This?

Meg Adams
Andrews McMeel
$16.99 (print)/ $9.99 (digital)
176 pages

Late last night a gentle rain started. This morning it became a downpour and the steadily blowing wind makes taking the two dogs “vacationing” with me, a maltipoo and a shihpoo, much less, let’s say, inviting than other times. A big pot of bean and veggie soup simmers away in the kitchen as I sit here reading Meg Adams’ book of cartoons when I turn a page and a two panel strip stops me. Panel one shows a red X a calendar for March 1st. The bottom panel is a gleeful close up of the cartoonist’s face with the caption “It’s rain season, baby!”

And it really is, making the synchronicity of the moment the perfect excuse to write about Adams’ first ArtbyMoga collection titled Why Are You Like This? But then any occasion or time of the year is a good time to write about the lives and gentle (mis)adventures of the extroverted Meg and her introverted husband Carson and dogs Boedy and Luna. Adams sets of the tone of her book with a charming introduction before pulling a glam showgirl style surprise that had me hooked and hankering for more.

The saying about opposites attracting couldn’t be more true than it is with Meg and Carson. Meg likes candy corn, canned cranberry sauce, and is just fine with microwaved coffee. And Carson? Well, let’s say he’s not a fan at all of any of those things. He basks in the sunshine while Meg goes out of her way to avoid its direct light. They both love Halloween but Meg really LOVES Halloween. If you know you know, right? Meg is working on how to have appropriate conversations and not overshare personal info with everyone including the mail carrier and strangers she encounters in the grocery store. What shines through in Adams’ cartoons is how much Meg and Carson love and complement each other. The art is instantly appealing and Adams’ humor is made in the good natured, laughing at myself spirit rather than at someone’s expense that so often is billed as comedy.

While the great majority of Adams’ topics are lighthearted snapshots of daily life a few touch on the subject of self care and mental health. Their loving and supportive messages convey the insight of personal experiences with depression. On a different note the following cartoon will speak volumes for many people in the bisexual community. However, it does not appear in the book though once I saw it I thought that it was too good to pass up.

Why Are You Like This? is a great antidote for doom scrolling or when you want a laugh about the dorky, little things in life and relationships, or just need a gentle hug and reassurance that things will be okay.

Now if you’ll excuse me it’s time to cuddle with the dogs and drink some hot chocolate in honor of Meg’s cocoa devotion.

Look for Why Are You Like This? at your local bookshop or use one of these sites to buy a copy.

March 4, 2023
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