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Welcome Back, You!

At one time James Robinson was one of my favorite comic writers. That was when Robinson was writing Starman throughout the 90s. His return to comics was an event for which I’d hoped, until it happened and his Cry For Justice and most of his JLA left me either disappointed, confused, or angry as was the case with the transformation of Tasmanian Devil from a D-list hero to a floor rug for inflated bad ass Prometheus. Well, saying that C4J had me angry is trying to paint me in a good light.

Honestly, I hated the writing and most of its aspects and I hated that reading the comics in question felt like the old cliche of watching an awful car accident.

I tried to put those feelings aside when adding the Starman/ Congorilla one shot to my January pull list. Even so, keeping expectations low was the best I could do in anticipating this special.

And then I read the story, and was really surprised by Robinson’s work here. The dialog between and characterization of Mikaal and Congorilla was a real joy to read, which made some of the less successful plot elements less of a problem for me. Robinson advances Mikaal’s emotional state of mind in the wake of his boyfriend Tony’s murder and sets the stage for future love prospects. Best of all, Robinson manages to bring back to life Tasmanian Devil! How Taz returns to the four color world is something I’ll leave for you to find out.

Art by Brett Booth

Thanks for the script that kept my interest and gives me cause to anticipate more of the same, Mr. Robinson. And sincere appreciation for undoing Taz’s grisly and pointless death.

January 6, 2011
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