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Webtoon’s Official Pride Coloring Book Is Out

Official Webtoon Pride Coloring Book
Various creators
$14.99 /96 pages
Quarto/ Walter Foster

Pride Month can be so full with tempting things to do from parades, parties, get togethers, dancing and drag shows. Maybe in between all those events on your calendar you want something to recharge your batteries but still Pride related? Or you might just want some low key activity to do because being in crowds drains your emotional energy or all of the stress from daily life and current events grinds down on you. Trust me, I know how those feelings too well.

The folks at Quarto’s Walter Foster imprint have teamed up with the creators of fifteen Webtoon comics series to make this official Webtoon Pride coloring book as a way to celebrate your Pride, creativity, and for fans of any or all of the series to express their love and appreciation. Inside the covers you’ll find 45 pairs of images divided up between the series. On the left side you’ll find full color drawings by the artists and on the right side are the same images but in B & W outlines waiting to be colored with your choice of markers, gel pens, crayons, or colored pencils. The Prisma brand of colored pencils has been my personal favorite for many years. Not to worry if you’re concerned about bleed through from markers because the images are printed on premium paper and not the flimsy news print that children’s coloring books are printed on.

Here are the Webtoon series featured. If you check them out at Webtoons you’ll see there is a variety of genre represented here. There’s romance, fantasy, supernatural, and more.

Boyfriends; Mage & Demon Queen; Castle Swimmer; Winter Moon; To The Stars and Back; Death Rescheduled; Daybreak; Acception; 1HP Club; Be My Villian; Jackson’s Diary; Love Me to Death; Muted; Realta; and The Doctors Are Out

Two ideas occurred to me as ways to experiment and play more with the illustrations in this book. The first idea is to scan a drawing into your computer and use your favorite app to explore different coloring techniques or color combinations. Maybe take inspiration from Andy Warhol and color a series of the same drawing a la Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe portrait and print, frame, and hang! Or make a collage of the variations to use as phone wall paper or social media cover image!

The second idea involves transferring a drawing onto watercolor paper and from there using different media to add color with watercolors, gouache, acrylics, colored pencils, art markers, or mix it up by using two or more mediums! It’s a simple process but a bit complicated to explain. This short demo will give you the basic technique from which to launch your creativity!

This book has a built in appeal to fans of the series featured inside its covers and I can see this being of interest to fans of other BL and GL manga and series and becoming an intro to the Webtoons comics. This more or less describes me as I’ve had an interest in BL manga some years back while in recent year that interest has mostly centered on BL shows from Thailand, South Korea, and Japan. Thanks to reviewing this book I’ve become fond of The Doctors Are Out and I’ll check out the others too.

The Webtoon Pride Coloring Book is in stores now. If you have trouble finding a copy you can give your local indy bookshop the ISBN 9780760391068 to make ordering a copy a bit easier. You can also order a copy through Bookshop as well as Barnes & Noble or Books A Million.

If you prefer, Amazon also has copies. This is an affiliate link for which Gay League will earn a small commission. Or use this non affiliate link if you like.

If you enjoy this book you may find other coloring books that catch your attention on Quarto’s site.

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