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Contributed by Mike McDermott

Warren is the boyfriend of online cooking superstar Oliver Cakes. Warren was present when his boyfriend was mutated into a hulk-like monster live on-air after being unwittingly drugged with “monster juice”.

When Oliver snuck out of their apartment to try and deal with his problem alone Warren turned to Jennifer Walters (aka She-Hulk) for help. When they finally caught up with Oliver on a destructive rampage, Warren broke through the police barrier to reach Oliver and try to calm him down. Unfortunately Oliver was too far gone at that point and leapt away from Warren to continue his fight with She-Hulk without risking Warren getting hurt.

After Oliver was subdued and wound up in a coma, Warren started seeing a support group to help deal with the experience.

Read the profile for Warren’s boyfriend Oliver Cakes.

Warren first appeared in Hulk #7 (2017) by Mariko Tamaki and Georges Duarte. Art by Duarte and Matt Milla.

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July 31, 2021
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