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VLA Graphic Novel Diversity Award

The Diversity & Inclusion Forum of the Virginia Library Association is now accepting nominations for the first annual VLA Graphic Novel Diversity Award. Any English language comic book or graphic novel, stand-alone or series story arc, published in the United States in 2015 is eligible for nomination by the publisher. Diversity must be featured in the character(s) and storyline. Cash awards will be given to the winner of the youth category (ages 6-17) & the winner of the adult category (ages 18-up). For more details and to print out a nomination form, see below. Deadline for entries is March 31, 2016.
VLA Graphic Novel Diversity Awards

Embracing Diversity

The Diversity & Inclusion Forum of the Virginia Library Association presents a new award to honor graphic novels and comic books that feature diversity in character or storyline. This award is open to any graphic novel in print, published in 2015.

Purpose: To promote graphic novels dealing with subjects or characters of diversity as quality literature that fits with the purpose of libraries to educate and promote reading to all reading levels.


Nomination should feature a diverse protagonist (casual or issue-based), a diverse character that impacts the story, or a diverse subject
Published in English by a United States “publisher” in the year that will be honored. Self-published nominations are accepted.
The nomination can be a stand-alone or a story arc. The last volume of a story arc must have been published in 2015.
Nomination must fall into one of these age categories: Youth (ages 6-17) or Adult (ages 18 and up)

Definition of diversity: Differences both visible and invisible that may separate an individual from the mainstream. The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect.

Diversity groups eligible for consideration for award may be based on color/race, nationality, disability whether mental or physical, feminism, ageism, religion, forced minority and LGBT/sexual orientation.

Definition of groups:

Color/Race/ Nationality – Main character would need to be part of a specific race, color or nationality. The character shows flaws and strengths in dealing with life as a member of this diversity.
Disability (visible and invisible) – Main character lives a normal life despite any limitations placed on him or her by the disability, whether mental or physical.
Feminism – Main character is a female who is surviving in a male dominated environment.
Ageism – Main character is being diminished by his or age. The story should reflect how the main character succumbs or overcomes the issue.
Religion – The main character is of a specific faith and may be persecuted because of religion/faith.
Forced Minority – The main character, although not normally a minority, through circumstances becomes a minority.
LGBT/Sexual Orientation/ sexual identity/Intersex – The main character is LGBT or identifies as sexually different and is coming to terms with this identity or dealing with discrimination.

Submissions for the Award should include 3 sets of the following:

A completed copy of the nomination form (one for each graphic novel being nominated).
One copy of the nominee (digital ARCs from NetGalley and Edelweiss are acceptable). If the nominee is a story arc, a copy of the whole arc must be submitted.
An introductory letter outlining why the material is deserving of this award.
Bios of the writer(s) and artist(s) of the nominee (up to 200 words per person).
jpegs of the writer(s) & author(s) and the cover of nominee.
Reviews of nominee (optional)

Please refer to the Virginia Library Association for links to forms and FAQS

March 16, 2016
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