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Vivek Headland

Vivek Headland is a central character in the Injection series by Warren Ellis and Declan Shavley. Other characters in the ensemble cast include Brigid Roth, Maria Kilbride, Robin Morel and Simeon Winters. Headland was invited by Maria Kilbride to join and use his intellect, skills and background as a logician and ethicist for the Cross Cultural Contamination Unit. The mission of the CCCU is simple: to research potential futures and the likely effects on humanity. Six months or so passed and it became apparent to the CCCU that the most likely option for the future was one in which it would become a boring and mundane time devoid of inspiration, novelty, and innovation. After deliberation the CCCU decides to act to keep the future interesting. The means by which they decide to achieve this ambitious gambit is to create an artifical intelligence and introduce it, known as the Injection, into the Internet. Each of the CCCU members went their separate ways after the Injection was accomplished but things go awry before long as can happen with best laid plans and all.

Headland’s precocious skills as a logician are astounding and often unnerving. Some attribute it to pre-cognition while Vivek explains it as the rapid ability to look at every possible scenario. The skill is similar to Midnighter’s ability to run in his mind every possible fight scenario. Whatever the source, Vivek has been and continues to be a valuable asset to the CCCU even as he works independently while living abroad in New York City.

Vivek’s interactions demonstrate a standoffish, irritating personality complicated by his genius level intellect and perhaps a lack of socialization. Several men are known to be in Vivek’s employ; one as his personal chef; another named Red as one of his butlers; and Noble who seems to be a weapons specialist. Red had been a special ops agent who two years previously fought against Headland on a mission. Vivek seems to have the most interaction with Red whose veneer thin civil demeanor hides an exasperation with ihs employer only outmatched by Brooklyn Detective Lucy Diaz whom Vivek saves from certain injury or possible death while investigating a curious matter that arises during a case that Vivek is working on. Evidence and clues come together as proof that the Injection has gained a level of consciousness unanticpated by the CCCU members. This and several other recent matters require they all join together again to address the Injection.

Warren Ellis wrote a scene in issue #8 which gives a glimpse into the sex lives of Vivek and several other CCCU members. In this scene Vivek is shown having sexual and romantic encounters with a variety of people of different ages including fellow CCCU colleague Simeon Winters. Ellis doesn’t label Vivek though Vivek may be possibly considered bisexual or pansexual. Ellis also likened Vivek to real world geniuses like Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein who minimized decision fatigue by eliminating their wardrobe choices.

Headland’s first appearance is in Injection #1.

Created by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey.

All rights reserved Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey

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