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Viv Vision

Viv Vision is a synthezoid being who was created by the Vision in an attempt to humanize himself by making a family. Along with Viv, Vision created Virgina, his wife, and a son Vin, both of whom were programmed to act like 16 year old teens. While acting as liason between the Avengers and the federal government, the Vision and his family moved into a house in the Cherrydale neighborhood of suburban Arlington, VA with Virginia assuming the role of housewife while Viv and Vin enrolled as students at the elite Alexander Hamilton High School to complete the experiment.

Neighbors of the Visions, a middle aged married couple, nervously attempt to welcome the Visions, but the new arrivals are viewed as distinctly other. The attitude of Viv and Vin’s fellow class mates is similar. An exception to this us Chris Kinzky, or C K, who is Viv’s chem partner. However, we see Chris’ attitude doesn’t extend to Vin because of an altercation between them in the cafeteria. After being hard pressed, Vin tells the boy that Viv has been “home sick” for some time. In truth, she’s suffered massive trauma to her body and her father and Tony Stark work tirelessly to heal her. C K is relieved to see Viv return to school and he tries to catch up with her. His interest in Viv may have extended beyond friendship though writer Tom King decides not to explore this route and instead decides to have the boy die tragically. This traumatic event is followed by two even more terrible ones with the death of Vin at the hands of their uncle Victor Mancha (who was at one time involved with the Runaways) and the suicide of her mother Virginia who saw this choice as her last resort after guilt from her actions and lies (which will not be spoiled here) consume her.

In the wake of these calamities, Viv and her father try their best to go on with their lives. Viv would soon join a team of young heroes banding together under the Champions name.

Vision had stated he had created Viv and Vin’s brain patterns to mimic those of a typical teen. For Viv this means she can be awkward and calm and quiet until something provokes her. Viv can easily misunderstand the subtlety and nuances of language and other expressions despite or because of her advanced computer brain. She is very curious about the external world as well as herself. Two examples of the latter happen in Champions #3 and #8. In the first instance she shares a kiss with Amadeus Cho and says that their kiss didn’t significantly affect her neural receptors and wonders if she should try kissing a person of a different gender. In Champions #8 Viv states: “…I have yet to thoroughly acquaint myself with a full enough sampling of sexual and gender identities to as yet determine my own — an attraction to boys is nowhere within me…”

Viv has a number of powers in common with her father, such as density manipulation, flight, super strength, the ability to absorb solar radiation, and an advanced computer brain.

Viv was created by Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walta and first appeared in Vision #1 volume 2. Art by Sean Izaakse and Marcio Menyz from Champions #19 (April, 2018).

All rights reserved Marvel Comics.

September 30, 2021
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