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Valentine’s Day (Probably NSFW)

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are a handful of lovers from over the years! Best wishes for a romantic and fun celebration to all the couples! And to everyone who’s single, do something special for yourself! Take it from a cranky pants trying to reform, treating yourself won’t hurt!

Wendell and Ollie making love during the Reagan years. From Howard Cruse’s Wendel All Together.

Years of fan speculation about Rictor and Shatterstar are confirmed when they finally kiss in an X-Factor story from 2010.

A relationship literally years in the making and telling, Francine tries to seduce Katchoo in order to prove her love in Strangers In Paradise.

Teddy and Billy (aka Hulkling and Wiccan) share an intimate moment during their current adventure to find the Scarlet Witch. I’m still hoping the guys kiss soon!

Maggie and Hopey of Love & Rockets have an complicated, intense, on-again off-again relationship for years, making Katchoo and Francine’s look like a whirlwind romance.

More than 10 years before Cry For Justice, James Robinson wrote the first male couple kiss, between Mikaal (blue Starman) and Tony, in mainstream comics in Starman. #45.

Wiccans in love! Willow and Tara. Well, they were until Tara died.

Todd Rice (the all too often maligned Obsidian) finally found happiness with boyfriend Damon Matthews. In a story written by Marc Andreyko in last year’s JSA special the boys started the adoption process.

Anna Albrecht in drag and Marthe Muller share a kiss on a night on the town in Jason Lutes’ Berlin Book Two: City of Smoke. What? Did you think Cabaret was didn’t have a basis in reality? Berlin sizzled in the early 1930s!

From Boy Meets Hero, here are Blue Comet and Fusion  in the secret identities Derek Maxwell and Justin Summers!
Art by Chayne Avery, coloring by Russell Garcia.

Last but not least is one of my fave couples! Annie, on the right, and Nibble from Colleen Coover’s really fun and erotic “girly porno comic book” Small Favors.

February 14, 2011
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