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Ugliest Costume Redesign For 2011

Among the recent DC solicitations for March 2011 was the cover for JSA #49 with the original Green Lantern featured front and center. Just in case you can’t tell, that’s him on the left in the image below. One heck of a costume redesign there, isn’t it? Scott always had one of the fussier costumes for a male superhero with those puffy sleeves, high collared, cape, big ass belt buckle, and those boots! Somehow though it had its charm. But this new and hopefully very temporary costume is just plain awful. Maybe it has something to do with his current medical condition, but really? Would a character with so power to command be forced to come up with something that makes Jim Lee’s redesigned Wonder Woman piece look like hig fashion? Some commented that the look alluded to the Kingdom Come version and maybe it served as inspiration. It’s still ugly.

Alan, you could’ve asked your gay son for fashion advice. Come to think of it, Obsidian doesn’t have the best uniform either. Maybe it’s time for a father and son superhero makeover? At least ask Todd about product to manage your hair.

January 8, 2011
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