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Tyler Lang & Jefferson Wolfe

Contributed by Ronald Byrd

Tyler Lang, the son of an L.A. crimelord, contracts AIDS from his lover, Jefferson Wolfe, and succumbs to the disease’s effects more quickly than Jefferson. The two take up residence at an AIDS hospice run by Jim Wilson, longtime friend of the Incredible Hulk. Tyler’s father sends his underlings to kill Jefferson, but they’re rebuffed by Jim’s uncle, the Falcon, leading Mr. Lang to contract the armored assassin Speedfreek for the job. The Hulk battles him and sends him on his way, but Tyler dies during the encounter. Mr. Lang later confronts Jefferson at Tyler’s grave and intends to oversee his murder personally, but the Hulk disables his henchmen and records his threat for the police, presumably resulting in Lang’s imprisonment. Jefferson’s ultimate fate is unrevealed.

Tyler and Jefferson’s only appearance is in Incredible Hulk #388. Jim Wilson also dies of AIDS in Incredible Hulk #420; it is never revealed how he contracted it.

Created by Peter David and Dale Keown. Art by Keown, Mark Farmer, and Glynis Oliver.

All rights reserved Marvel Entertainment

September 29, 2021
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