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Former assassin Mysta (Laser Eraser) Mystralis and her cyborg lover, Axel Pressbutton are rogue adventurers in space. In issue #3 of Laser Eraser and Pressbutton, they’re unexpectedly caught off guard in a warp storm while in hyper drive. Shifting down into normal space leads them into another adventure when they land on a nearby uncharted planet. Mysta is lured (with Axel in tow) to a long abandoned underground chamber. Inside Mysta is drawn to a slumbering woman enclosed in some kind of stasis chamber. Opening the capsule, Mysta is drawn into an illusionary world created by the woman within. The capsule quickly seals itself. We’re visually cued by Tsultrine’s pointed teeth, pale skin, long dark hair, and dark eyes that she’s a villain, but the enthralled Mysta believes they’re lovers, and let’s herself be psychically seduced.

Distracted by his attempt to open the capsule and free his lover, Axel finds himself surrounded by a number of monkey-like beings. Naturally Axel misinterprets their actions to put Mysta in danger until an elder being telepathically relates to Axel the history of its and Tsultrine’s race. Creating weapons was something never done in their history. Instead, its people developed and trained their mental abilities, using sex as a way to take over the bodies of the beautiful, but weak-minded. The physically undesirable individuals eventually devolved into the monkey-like beings. Axel learns that Tsultrine is the last of her kind and her plan is to take over Mysta’s body so she can leave the planet and feed on new people.

At the same time Axel is learning this, Mysta begins to see through Tsultrine’s spell that in turn weakens it. Before her seduction of Mysta is realized, Axel pulls himself together and smashed through the capsule, pulling Mysta out of the vampire’s arms. The horde of monkey-beings beat Tsultrine’s withered body. Axel and Mysta immediately leave the planet and the experience behind them.

One might assume Tsultrin to be a lesbian or bisexual. The story’s single flashback scene leaves it unclear what her sexual orientation may be. Had Pressbutton not been a cyborg, she theoretically may have tried to possess him rather than Mysta.

Created by Pedro Henry and Jerry Paris. Art by Paris, Garry Leach, and Dondie. Tsultrine’s sole appearance in the US market is in Laser Eraser and Pressbutton #3 published by Eclipse.

This story from Laser Eraser and Pressbutton #3 was written by Pedro Henry with art by Jerry Paris and Garry Leach.

All rights reserved Pedro Henry and Jerry Paris.

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