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Tristan & Isolde

Contributed by Ronald Byrd

Sir Tristan, medieval hero and knight of King Arthur’s Round Table, is remembered both for his heroic deeds and for his scandalous love affair with the lady Isolde. When aliens led by Morgan Le Fay invade Earth in the year 3000, King Arthur is awakened from mystic slumber and several of his knights, having been reincarnated in new identities, regain their old memories. However, much to his chagrin, Tristan’s new body is a woman’s, Canadian Amber March (who regains the Tristan persona at her forestalled wedding to soldier Owen McAllister), a change which leads some of the other knights to doubt her ability. Further discord is caused by the romantic interest of Arthur’s aide Tom Prentice; still thinking of “himself” as a man, Tristan longs to regain a male body, a desire only strengthened when, via Morgan’s machinations, he meets Isolde’s new incarnation, Claire Locklyn. Although Isolde is willing to continue their relationship, Tristan, evidently not realizing that Isolde is a lesbian in this incarnation, remains dedicated to regaining a male body and even considers serving Morgan Le Fay to magically obtain one, but ultimately she refuses to betray King Arthur. When the aliens and Morgan are defeated, Tristan accepts her new body and is reunited with Isolde; the two depart for a new life together, as two women in love.

Neither Tristan nor Isolde possess superhuman powers. However, Tristan is a highly skilled warrior, wielding a sword as well as various advanced weapons of the year 3000.

In the world of Camelot 3000, Tristan is reincarnated as Amber March and is an adventurer. Isolde is reborn as Claire Locklyn and works as an administrative assistant and later UN Security Director. Tristan/Amber first appears and is shown as transgender in issue #3. Claire/Isolde is introduced in #6 and revealed to be a lesbian in #7.

Camelot 3000 and its take on King Arthurian characters were created by Mike W Barr and Brian Bolland. Art by Bolland, Terry Austin, and Tatjana Wood from Camelot 3000 #12.

All rights reserved DC Comics

September 27, 2021
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