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Transformation Completed

Transformation Completed is a short story written by Al Feldstein and drawn Wally Wood that appeared in EC’s Weird Science #10 (cover dated Nov/ Dec 1951). Feldstein’s plot here is a simple one although with surprise twist. Widower Emil Hinde is a controlling father who doesn’t approve of his daughter Terry’s boyfriends, especially her current beau Lee. Having given up medical practice, Hinde spends his time concentrating on medical research when he’s not obsessing about ways to control Terry’s life. For her part, Terry seems intent on embracing the 1950s version of YOLO as much as she can and that means marriage in order to escape her father. What Terry is unaware of is the fact that her father conducts experiments on rabbits and it’s this research that Hinde thinks will give him the means to break up Terry and Lee.

Read Transformation Completed to find out if old Emil was successful with his scheming!

May 27, 2020
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