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Tommy Willowtree, Athelstan & Waterwheel

Tommy Willowtree is a character introduced into John Constantine’s life by writer Si Spurrier. Heroic, self sacrificing, outgoing, affectionate, exuberant, appreciative, thoughtful, and devotion are qualities that make Willowtree a nearly complete antithesis to Constantine’s personality.

Willowtree mentions he “first felt the calling of the mystic arts” when he was 16. Tommy demonstrates a level and ability that on first appearance are closer to a novice than that of a grizzled veteran like Constantine though Spurrier may have surprises in store. Vasitya (or Vashita) Siddhi, dispels, smudging, and paranomancy are mentioned in a conversation between Tommy and John. From Constantine’s perspective Tommy is a “wanker” though he’ll begin to soften his opinion in light of a matter that I won’t spoil here.

Another attribute of Tommy’s is his trusting nature. It’s implied that taking people at face value is intrinsic to the character. This is all quite admirable but such naivete is dangerous in the places in which Constantine operates. Putting trust in others that leads to unfortunate or tragic consequences is a well worn plot device. And so it’s true with Willowtree who learns in a quite painful way he’s been manipulated by a small group of scheming individuals.

Spurrier writes a scene in issue #4 which has Willowtree show interest in Natalie who’s security for Constantine’s new favorite pub. That’s followed by Willowtree mentioning having dated a male vampire for six months. In the following issue Spurrier and Bergara expand on the character’s sexuality by taking readers inside Tommy’s flat above the Grokk & Roll Cafe to introduce Tommy’s boyfriend Athelstan and girlfriend Waterwheel. Nothing is known of them at this time. Spurrier also plays with readers a bit by leaving it to their imagination whether Tommy and Constantine have had sex.

Tommy first appears in John Constantine Hellblazer #4 (2020). As noted in issue #5 Tommy’s birth family name is Spuggs. Athelstan and Waterwheel first appear in #5.

Tommy Willowtree, Athelstan, and Waterwheel created by Si Spurrier and Matias Bergara

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