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Tommy Jagger

Tommy Jagger is the son of Hadley “Rip” Jagger, the original Judo Master who was killed in a single panel by Bat villain Bane in the “Battle of Metropolis” in Infinite Crisis #7. He is the White King’s Knight in the Checkmate organization and operates out of the Castle in an undisclosed location in Switzerland. Jagger, Sasha Bordeaux, Fire, Count Vertigo are on a mission to infiltrate a secret facility that Checkmate highly regards with suspicion. While he and the others are successful at gaining entrance to the installation, it quickly becomes apparent that the mission will have its challenges when they’re confronted by members of the Great Ten, China’s state-sponsored team of superheroes. Jagger played a minor role, mostly disguised as a Kobra devotee, as Checkmate tested candidates to become the Black Queen’s Knight.

Jagger, Jessica Midnight and Josephine Tautin are on a mission to track down a Kobra sleeper cell. It means enlisting the help of Shadowpact, whom they find through an access point in a stripper bar. A stripper approaches and offers Tommy about a lapdance, but Tommy turns down her offer by saying he’s gay. Jagger resumes his disguise to take part in the resolution of this story.

Checkmate becomes involved in the elections of Santa Prisca at the request of the United Nations. Batman villain Bane, who killed Jagger’s father, is suspected of ballot stuffing, intimidation, and falsifying election results. Jagger volunteers for the mission and is turned down by the White King (Mr. Terrific). Tautin is picked, but a medical emergency prevents her from going. Reluctantly, Mr. Terrific agrees to Jagger’s deployment, along with Fire and Tommy confronts and defeats Bane though he doesn’t kill the villain.

The mission is complicated by Fire when she acts on orders secretly given to her by Amanda Waller that results in Bane’s direct intervention with Jagger. He resists the desire to avenge his father. The two agents make it to their exfiltration point and return to Checkmate headquarters where Jagger informs the royals of Fire’s sabotage.

In the Checkmate issue installment of the crossover with the Outsiders, Jagger informs Grace and Thunder there’s no need for concern that he and Fire will compromise their safety by letting his guard down for the possibility of intimate contact.

Jagger is a martial artist with excellent skills as a hand to hand combatant. His first appearance is in Checkmate #1 vol 2 and he comes out in #9.

Checkmate has been collected in various trades, most recently this volume.

Created by Greg Rucka and Jesus Saiz. Art by Saiz, Travis Lanham, and Santiago Arcas from Checkmate #9 (volume two).

All rights reserved DC Comics

October 4, 2021
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