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Contributed by Michael McDermott

Tlaango is an alien of an unidentified race, who became involved in a psychosexual domination relationship with Caffrey, of the Borozil clan.

At some point during their relationship, Tlaango felt that his “master”, Caffrey, was becoming too rough, and when their ship landed on Earth for routine maintenance, Tlaango made a run for it, to find a place to hide until he calmed down. Caffrey chased after him, and Spider Man stumbled across the scene of Tlaango being chased and whipped by his master. Spider-Man misinterpreted the situation, thinking that Tlaango was a slave being abused. He attempted to rescue Tlaango until Captain Marvel and Karl Coven intervened. They captured all parties, and brought them together for a mock trial, to determine Tlaango’s fate, with Captain Marvel serving as judge.

As “defense council” Spider-Man attempted to argue for Tlaango’s freedom till he learned that Tlaango and Caffrey were actually engaged in a psycho-sexual role play. After that fact came out, Spider-Man was extremely embarassed, and the matter was dropped. However Caffrey was so furious over the incident that he began making threats, and ended up getting killed by Karl Coven for “contempt of court”.

Tlaango returned home to inform the rest of the Borozil clan what had happened to Caffrey. They came to Earth in force to punish Captain Marvel. Tlaango wanted Coven to be the one punished, since he was the one who actually killed Caffrey.

However, Ulzak of the Borozil clan informed him that their custom was that Captain Marvel bore the responsibility, since he oversaw Coven’s actions.

However, when they arrived on Earth and tracked Captain Marvel’s cosmic energy, it led them to Coven, since Marvel had shared his power with him. Tlaango seized this opportunity to make sure that the proper person was punished, and told Ulzak that this was Captain Marvel.

The Borozil clan executed Coven for the murder.

Since both Tlaango and his lover are from alien species, it is difficult to judge their relationship in terms of human sexuality.

Tlaango was created by Peter David and Ivan Reis and first appeared in Captain Marvel #10, volume 4. Art by Ivan Reis and Chris Sotomayor.

All rights reserved Marvel Comics.

September 27, 2021
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