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Three Teens Raise Hell Before Summer Break Ends

Raise Hell
Jordan Alsaqa
Ray Nadine
Ray & Jay Comics / Comixology Original

Summer break is winding down. Nowhere to go and nothing to do. Bored teens might scroll TikTok or stream a movie just to pass time but neither of those options are available for Victor, Reeves, and Miri because the world was different for them in the world of 2005. Remember Myspace? It was only a couple years old at the time and the hell site that Twitter would become came a year later. What these three besties do instead to liven up their humdrum lives is the premise of this comedy horror mini series by Jordan Alsaqa and Ray Nadine.

Victor has convinced friends Miri and Reeves to pool all their money to buy a…ritual demon summoning kit at a kiosk at the local mall, as one does. What could go wrong? Plenty of things when said purveyor of the kiosk is the definitely dodgy Dougie Faircloth with whom at least Reeve’s has a bad history. Victor is dead set on making this happen despite Reeve’s pleas not to get involved with Dougie whose favorite phrase appears to be “caveat emptor” and is also probably a legit warning. The deal is done and the friends hurry over to Reeves’ house. Thanks to one hurriedly drawn pentagram on Reeves’ bedroom floor by Victor and a little mutual bloodletting the friends summon Alistair the Malicious, a favored servant of the great Belphegor!

There’s just one thing. Alistair isn’t quite the demon they’d hoped would appear — or is he? Appearances can be deceiving though, right? Caveat emptor!

Hellacious hijinx are certain to ensue in following issues but first comes humor in this comedy horror story. Alsaqa and Ray Nadine have a lot of fun introducing their characters and their quirks. Victor is an optimist and a bit of a people pleaser while Reeves is much more of a pessimist and doesn’t hold back sharing his thoughts. They both have very different tastes in music which is depicted in an amusing, very relatable scene. Miri is the level headed, diplomatic one of the group but she has a whimsical side as seen when she expresses delight at the idea of making some accessories for Alistair. Coming from a super religious home makes her a bit more rebellious than the boys and is proof of how good she is at hiding things from her father who just wants to be in daughter’s life. There is a scene that puts a hilarious spin on the traditional family dinner by having a terribly polite Alistair as a guest to dinner with Reeves’ father and step mother. A clue points to at least one of the characters being queer and a bit of gay cruising at the mall. With Miri — short for Miriam — and her father the creators include Muslim American representation. Perhaps as a nod to the writer these two are Palestinian Americans.

Sure, the premise of three teens summoning a demon to become part of their little circle is a bit out there but suspension of belief is an essential part of so much comics storytelling and the creators make it work so well. Victor, Miri, and Reeves are likeable separately and together. Even bad boy vibe exuding Dougie is a fun character in his own way and I hope more about his and Reeves’ bad history is revealed. There’s bound to be some hell in store for our friends as Alistair will undoubtedly attempt to create chaos and calamity to please the great Belphegor. Or will they foil Alistair’s efforts?

Please check out several preview pages here!

Jordan Alsaqa is a creator new to me. My ignorance aside, he has a dozen projects to his credit to date. Finding Peace and Party Of Your Afterlife are two examples that stand out to me personally since they have a supernatural/ horror theme. Please visit Alsaqa’s site to view sample pages of all twelve.

Ray Nadine came to my attention last year when I had the opportunity to interview them about their debut graphic novel titled Light On Me. Their collaboration with Paul Tobin on the Webtoons comic Messenger will be collected in print by Rocketship Entertainment for a June release. Visit their site.

This series wraps up in October I believe and promises to be a hellishly wonderful finale for Halloween!

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