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The Space Heists Of Vyvy & Qwerty Returns!



Niall Presnall

San Diego, CA – September 2017. Comics writer Niall Presnall (The Space Heists of Vyvy and Qwerty) artist Carlos Trigo (Crimson Society, Armor I) artist Osmarco Valladão (Imposter) and letterer Ryan Ferrier (D4ve, Kong on the Planet of the Apes) have come together once again to continue work on the sci-fi action buddy comedy, The Space Heists of Vyvy and Qwerty.

Vyvy was abandoned by her smuggler parents as a young child. Having to fend for herself, she picked pockets and stole to survive her entire life, becoming more and more proficient at it until she was able to acquire her own ship. She’s been one of the universes most active thieves-for-hire ever since.

Qwerty was created by an outlaw cyborg, known only as Fathertron. Intended to be his best creation, Qwerty turned out to be a little… broken. With the only way to fix him being a procedure that wipes out his identity, he opted to run away from home and Fathertron instead. Spending some time on his own, he quickly learned that the universe is often unkind to robotic beings. Luckily for him, it wasn’t long until he met Vyvy and became her business partner and best friend.

Now, the two of them roam the universe together searching for the one thing they can’t steal: a purpose.

VnQ is a great comic — strong characterization with fun dialogue and plot. Niall and Carlos are firing on all cylinders and I’ll be backing their next issue. This is a comic — and creators — to keep an eye on. I know I am.” — Ted Adams, CEO/Publisher, IDW.

Issue one was launched on Kickstarter in June of 2016 and ended up being a featured project that was successfully funded at 133% of it’s goal.

“I was really anxious about hitting the ‘Launch’ button the night before our first campaign,” says Niall. “It was my first real comic project, and I was worried no one would care. We found our audience though, and now we’re moving forward with issue two! It’s exciting and terrifying. I have so many stories I want to tell with these characters, and I’m getting the chance to do it because of our backers. I can’t thank them enough.”

Issue one is being distributed on the comiXology app, which is where the 22-page second issue will be available for purchase as well.

Backers will be privy to more rewards this time around, including limited sketch cards and sketch covers by Carlos Trigo, a special art piece from Emily Pearson, and a Kickstarter exclusive variant cover by WWE artist, Kendall Goode. Additionally, anyone who pledges $10 or more to the Kickstarter campaign during the first week will receive a free, signed print of Kendall’s exclusive cover.

The Kickstarter launches on Wednesday, November 1st  and will end on Monday, December 4th. Follow us at and @VyvyAndQwerty for updates and previews.

For inquiries and interviews, please contact us at


Niall Presnall is a comic book writer from San Diego, CA, and the creator of “The Space Heists of Vyvy and Qwerty.” After being published in a variety of small press anthologies, he successfully launched “VnQ #1” on Kickstarter in June of 2016. For more about Niall, be sure to follow him on Twitter @NiallPresnall

Carlos Trigo is the artist illustrating “VnQ.” Residing in Spain, he’s been working actively for the US indie comic market since 2011. His published works include “Hero Hourly” (21Pulp), “Crimson Society” (Action Lab Comics), “Ghoul Squad” (The Higher Universe) and “Armor-I” (Evoluzione Publishing).

“Carlos is amazing. The commitment he brings to every project, including timeliness and professionalism, is outstanding. The work is amazing, too. The energy and expressions combined with fundamentals. The only regret I have in relation to Carlos is that more people haven’t discovered his work yet and aren’t aware just how good he is.”

-James Patrick (Batman, Green Arrow, Star Trek)

To keep up with Carlos, follow him on Twitter and Instagram @Carlos_Trigo

Osmarco Valladão is an artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is responsible for “VnQ’s” vibrant colors and logo. He’s done the colors for the biographies of Barbara Walters and Condoleezza Rice from Bluewater Productions, as well for a few stories in Vincent Price Presents. Most recently he did “Imposter” for James Patrick’s 21Pulp. To learn more about him, visit

Ryan Ferrier is a superstar comic writer and the letterer on half the indie comics on the entire planet (and some in space.) Osmarco can’t continue doing our letters after his last eye surgery, and Ryan has been kind enough to step in. He’ll be writing the new “Kong on the Planet of the Apes” series, which you should pre-order! Learn more by finding him at

Kendall Goode is an awesome artist whose comic, “The Doorman,” was published by Heavy Metal. His art has also appeared in Boom! Studios “WWE Wrestlemania Special.” Kendall will be providing a Kickstarter exclusive variant cover for us, the print of which can only be acquired by pledging during the first week! Find more of his work at

Emily Pearson is an up and coming artist from Santa Rosa, CA and will be providing us with some special art! Her work in comics includes “Jacob” and “Project Time Ghost.” Find more of her work at


September 28, 2017
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