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The Queen Of Wolves

The Queen of Wolves one of the principal power player characters in Marjorie Liu’s and Sana Takeda’s fantasy epic Mostress. The Queen is the mother of Moriko Halfwolf (aka the Blade of the Dawn) and the Warlord (aka the Sword of the East), and the grandmother of Maika Halfwolf who is the central protagonist of the Monstress series. A regal appearance and demure demeanor belie her wisdom and vast experience gained from being the oldest of the extant Ancients; Ancients as a group are considered to be the strongest among the peoples (Ancients, Arcanics, humans, and Old Gods) of this alt Earth.

As the founder and sole ruler of the Dawn Court, the largest faction of Arcanics, she wields great power and seeks to retain it in this period of increasing uncertainty as other forces begin to strategize for dominance as temperments rise in the years following the destruction of the city of Constantine by a force unknown to the Federation of Man.

Diplomacy, negotiation, and strategy are among her strengths. The last Baroness of the Dusk Court is Tuya, who is also romantically linked with the Queen’s granddaughter Maika. Tuya has kept this fact a secret from everyone including Maika. Or so she thought. In a small demonstration of how vast and often subtle her reach is, the Queen calls Tuya on her lie of not knowing Maika. This might seem trivial if not for the fact that Tuya has come to the Dawn Court in order to establish an alliance between the two rival factions and the Queen is adamant that a second lie from her will cost Tuya her life.

The Queen of Wolves is included as an LGBTQ character for the inference created by the presence of both women and men in the above image that the character may be bisexual or pansexual.

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Monstress is an ongoing series which has been collected in three volumes to date. Look for them at your local comic shop or book store or find them on Amazon.

The Queen of Wolves created by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda. Art by Sana Takeda. She first appears in Monstress #4.

Art by Sana Takeda

All rights reserved Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda.

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