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The Pride Returns In A Brand New Series

The Pride is the all LGBTQ+ superhero adventure series from award-winning writer, Joe Glass, and a cavalcade of amazing artists and collaborators. 

Initially self-published before being continued by ComiXology Originals and collected by Dark Horse Comics, there’s been a long spell with no new stories for the titular team. 

In that time, Marvel and DC, lauded homes of superheroes, finally started honoring Pride Month with their specials and LGBTQ+ characters have enjoyed greater prominence in their stories in recent years. 

However, there is still work to do – and so The Pride is coming back! 

Returning to Kickstarter, The Pride is back with a brand new story series – The Pride: Agenda Dysphoria!

A four issue series following the team as they step up to become the BIG DAMN HEROES they always were. The team will have new costumes, new allies, new romances, new dramas and new enemies…from without, and within!

The Pride: Agenda Dysphoria #1 is already drawn, by series artist Auguste Kanakis (who worked with Joe Glass on the GLAAD & Ringo Award winning YOUNG MEN IN LOVE), and is looking to raise £5,000 to complete production with colors and lettering, handled by Heather Breckel and Michael Stock. Issue one features a cover by Xavier Lavagnino. The series will also feature design work from Kanakis and Luciano Vecchio (The Resurrection of Magneto).

The four issues will have exclusive covers and ONLY be available via Kickstarter, with a collected edition releasing later from the new publishing home of The Pride to comic shops and bookstores. 

The Pride has always centered the LGBTQ+ community in its stories and characters, and that continues in Agenda Dysphoria. As well as big superhero action, more epic than anything that has come before, the series will explore issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community, both from antagonism outside of the community but also from within, as well as the widening politicising of the communities existence. And while allies are important and welcomed, The Pride remains a place centering the queer community as a whole. 

“The Pride means so much to me, my first born as it were, as a creator. I have so much more to tell in this world and with these characters, and with rising antagonism against my community in recent years, it’s needed now more than ever. I hope that readers will enjoy a fabulous, fantastic adventure as well as having a moment to think and reflect on the world around them, like all the best superhero dramas do!” – The Pride creator, Joe Glass

The Pride: Agenda Dysphoria presents not only the long-awaited continuation of the LGBTQ+ superheroes story, but also a great jumping on point for new readers too. Plus, the Kickstarter campaign features a new opportunity to nab a copy of The Pride Summer Special (also in production) for those who missed it, and Joe Glass’ first novel, A Con Affair (a gay rom com set at comic cons). 

People wanting to support the series can back HERE.

April 1, 2024
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