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The Pride Guys Webcomic Debut!

The Pride Guys is a webcomic about LGBTQ Superheroes featuring a cast of culturally and racially diverse characters. The initial storyline primarily focuses on the seven main characters, but as the story progresses you are introduced to many other characters from the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. Their base of operations is in Washington, D.C. but their adventures will take them far beyond the limits of the District as they explore different countries, other dimensions, outer space and alternate realities. Although this is a comic about superheroes there are some elements of mythology, magic and sci-fi mixed in.

Quincy Mata, the sole creative force behind The Pride Guys, says his webcomic can be read at both Tapastic  and Webtoons.  The Pride Guys debuts today! Go check it out now!

Best wishes to Quincy for committing to his dream and making it happen!

May 27, 2020
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