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The Fires Of Evening

Occasionally serendipity happens. The catalyst might be a conversation, a book or movie, or a link to a website where I discover something exciting, interesting, or beautiful. Today it took the form of a press release in an email to announce I Fuochi della Sera (The Fires of Evening) by Italian artist Giopota, from Italy’s LGBT comics publisher REN. These two images from Giopota’s book are simply gorgeous and make me wish I had a copy even though my knowledge of Italian is terribly limited. There are easily a half dozen other books on REN’s site like Barba di Perle I’d like to have too. REN may ship to the US thought it’s probably better for me money wise not to know if it does.

Visit Giopota’s site and here’s Google’s translation of REN’s press release.

Four stories in images, four short stories of rich colors and poetry of Giopota, REN author of the most promising contemporary illustrators.

Collected in a limited edition run directly by the author, each copy is signed and numbered.

You can buy it or [pre-order it?] on

The Fires of Evening – four precious stories of author limited edition, numbered and signed. Exclusively for you.

Marino is a fisherman facing the sea under the dazzling rays of the full moon. A night of storm waves surround it, bringing it to the bottom. Waiting for an unexpected treasure that, like true love, will mark his heart.

Miro and Teo are two children who attend the same college. During a hot and lonely [summer], they will discover the power of friendship and win their greatest fears.

Claudio seeks refuge in a forest, pursued by his demons. In its breathtaking ride stop fighting against fate, leaving the worst has the upper hand.

And here’s another race, this time through the night, for lanes that turn into starry skies hazy and bodies in soft rugs bright. In an outburst which is also fighting loneliness, will win again the Fires of Evening.


March 12, 2015
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