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The Fantastic Spy

Ah, those shapechangers! Don’t you just love those Protean characters from the Skrulls to Martian Manhunter to the Legion’s Chameleon Boy, and who knows how many others long forgotten. And who would remember if they had names like Zryp or Brunk as so many aliens had back in the late 50s and early 60s? They’re either aliens bent on earth’s domination or selfless heroes if maybe misunderstood in some versions. Or like wiht Xavin, the Skrull who fell in love with Karolina in Runaways, they become cosmic gender benders by transforming their bodies into another sex.

And that’s just what good ol’ Chameleon Boy did way back in Adventure #303, cover dated December 1962 when I was a little more than 4 years old. In Jerry Siegle and John Forte’s “The Fantastic Spy”, the Legion is perplexed when a secret mission is screwed up, and suspicious minds single out newest Legionnaire Matter Eater Lad. Cosmic Boy comes up with a plan to deliver a tiny Doomsday bomb to the United Nations (there’s no United Planets yet!) weapons arsenal on the far side of the world. It’s a simple plan. All he needs is blond wig and glasses for a disguise and for Chameleon Boy to change into a woman so they can pose as newlyweds going on their honeymoon. And good ol Reep, he’s just fine with the idea! You’ll have to get creative imagining slashy goodness between Rokk and Reep! And what’s up with all the women having window seats? Maybe it was the same with air travel back then.

This story is reprinted in Adventure #499 and Legion Archives volume 1.

February 19, 2010
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