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The Cruisers

Contributed by Ronald Byrd

The Cruisers are one of several factions among the inmate population of the Cage, a state-of-the-art prison designed for super-villains with a “dampening field” which neutralizes their superhuman powers. Other factions include the Brothers, the Skulls, and members of the organized crime elite called the Maggia. The Cruisers apparently establish their power over other inmates via sexual assault, and when the X-Men Wolverine and the Beast are temporarily jailed in the Cage, the Cruisers immediately target them for intimidation. However, Wolverine quickly establishes himself as their better in battle, and they do not disturb the heroes for the remainder of their brief incarceration.

Since they are imprisoned in the Cage, it is presumed that at least some of the Cruisers possess superhuman powers, but those powers were not depicted. The Cage is sited inside a mesa on a remote island in an unrevealed location.

The Cruisers first appear in Wolverine #164 (vol 1). Art by Sean Chen, Norm Rapmund, and Raymund Lee.

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September 26, 2021
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