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The Answer II

Contributed by Michael McDermott

David Ferarri was a patriotic young man who was pressured into military service by his father. David was described as being “too sensitive” for the service and he felt miserable in the military. Eventually he was killed in a hazing, due to his “different lifestyle”.

However, it was eventually revealed that Ferarri’s death was simply a cover story so that SHIELD could recruit him into their enhanced soldier program.  Unfortunately, Ferarri proved to be mentally unstable, and became a terrorist calling himself “The Answer”. In a scheme for world domination, he teamed up with the Crimson Dynamo, kidnapped Nick Fury, and stole a nuclear missile. Together, Captain America and Nick Fury were able to stop Ferarri and take him into custody.

Ferarri should not be confused with the original Answer, who is an old Spider-Man foe. David is the brother of Connie Ferarri, once a love interest of Captain America. His first appearance was only in a photograph in Captain America #20 (Vol 3). He appeared in issues #42 and 43.

Created by Dan Jurgens, Bob Layton, and Dave Ross. Art by Ross, Bob Layton, and Avalon Studio’s Bart.

All rights reserved Marvel Comics.

September 26, 2021
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