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The Aerie & Wink

Wink and The Aerie are code names for two characters in the most recent volume of Suicide Squad (December, 2019) from Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo. Much is yet to be revealed of the pair who are members of the Revolutionaries. According to General Lok, Task Force X’s new leader, the Revolutionaries are a terrorist group. In actuality the team was started by Osita who was motivated by tragic consequences sustained in a fight with Captain Boomerang likely within the past several years. The full circumstances of how Wink and The Aerie were discoverd by Osita and joined her team is currently unknown.

While how they joined the Revolutionaries remains to be told, some things about their personal lives, character traits, and powers are known. They are a couple and, according to Taylor in interviews, the Aerie is non-binary, preferring they/ them pronouns. Wink is an American and a bit of a kleptomaniac, though wouldn’t most teleporters at least be tempted. Based on interactions seen to date, Wink is an extrovert and protective of the Aerie who acts more reservedly except while flying. Wide open spaces are an exciting playground for them. The Aerie shares a connection with President Mishra of the island nation Badhnisia. Astute trivia nerds will recognize this Easter egg connection with the Justice Society of America.  Tom Taylor has yet to say anything about whether Wink identifies as lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, or in some other way.

From a tactical aspect they are valuable members. Wink possesses the power to teleport though the power may be limited to teleporting one additional person. Wings allow the Aerie to fly. Thanks to some enhanced strength, the Aerie can hold aloft two and possibly more individuals. Yet to be demonstrated is the Aerie’s ability to communicate with birds.

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Wink and the Aerie created by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo.

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