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That Thing That Happened In Young Avengers #8

youngavengers8Today is Lynda Carter’s birthday. Happy birthday, Lynda!

Yes, I know it’s her birthday. I know she’s a good and kind person. I know she played Wonder Woman and made every little tyke want to spin just like her as she turned into Wonder Woman. Yes, I know it’s a travesty that Warner Brothers has yet to make a Wonder Woman movie, let alone a second TV series. Yes, I know Wonder Woman deserves a second title and that almost no one knows how to write the character, especially (insert name that rhymes with tryin’ bazzajello) according to some people. And then there’s more talk about Emma and Jean and X-this and X-that. Yes, I like Lynda Carter and Wonder Woman and Emma and Jean, just not to the same degree lots of others seem to like them. I am a little tired though of X-things.

And I want to talk about something else. Something else gay that happened in comics. Today. In Young Avengers #8. Yes, Billy, Teddy, Kate, Loki, Noh-Varr, America (Chavez), and David (Prodigy) are still trying to get back home to good ol’ home, aka Earth 616, stopping for some killer Korean barbeque (that makes me want to eat at Woo Lae Oak again) before traveling to several not nearly so much fun or tasty other dimensions with black hole headed, dominatrix garbed killers in pursuit, followed by a world filled with adorable Pikachu critters reciting demiurge (which is ever such a complicating and curious word that has bad feelz about it) and Loki does a little dance, and then they all quite unintentionally land in the dimension of the thing that claims to be Teddy’s mother. Quick! Jump to another dimension! Oh noes! Teddy and Prodigy don’t make it and the rest end up in a place where they’re confronted by someone Loki done gone and did wrong big time. That won’t be pretty! Speaking of pretty or not, Noh-Varr has a beard. Looks kind of hot. Alas, four color fantasies do not come to life and even if they did, I could be Noh-Varr’s daddy, no, literally, and well, you know they’re all magnets for trouble and I’ve sworn off drama anyway. Oh, yeah. Drama. There will be much of drama to be had. Teddy and Prodigy stranded together in Mother’s dimension. Kieron, I turned the second to last page and was shocked to see that cliffhanger! Totally did not see this coming! Never would have guessed this would happen! Thank you for being able to surprise me! Aw, there is going to be fallout from this! No, I won’t tell you what happened and spoil it for you! Did you want Sixth Sense spoiled for you? Oh wait, you were how old when that movie came out? What about when Talia revealed herself in The Dark Knight Returns? No spoilage still! Go find a copy! You’ll believe a xxxx will mess things up!

Meanwhile, Scott Lobdell did not have Bunker exclaim “Caramba!” over in Teen Titans.

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