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Contributed by Mike McDermott

Heather Tucker is a mutant with time twisting powers to manipulate the flow of time in a localized area and either speed it up or slow it down. Most commonly she uses this power to immobilize her opponents or freeze their attacks.

Tempo first appeared as a member of the Mutant Liberation Front, a terrorist group fighting for mutant rights. As a member of the MLF Tempo battled various mutant superhero groups including X-Force, the New Mutants and X-Factor. The first major test of her commitment to the cause came when the MLF targeted the Tucker Research Center, whose founder was also Tempo’s father. Dr. Tucker had developed a pre-natal test to determine the likelihood of an unborn child being a mutant, and also an experimental process to eliminate the mutation in utero. Tempo tried covertly warning her father that the attack was coming but he was still killed in the attack.

Tempo was increasingly uncomfortable with the organizations extreme and violent methods, and the final straw came when the MLF kidnapped and then planned to kill anti-mutant government official Henry Peter Gyrich. No longer willing to be a party to their murderous actions, Tempo saved Gyrich’s life and left with X-Force. Cable offered her a spot on the team, but Heather decided she would rather try and live a normal life.

Her attempt at a normal life was short-lived, and Tempo ended up returning to the MLF when the increase in anti-mutant sentiment led to the launch of a mutant extermination program called Operation: Zero Tolerance. Tempo later joined Exodus’ new Acolytes following the M-Day decimation of the mutant population.

When the mutant community created their own country on the island of Krakoa, Tempo was one of the many mutants who accepted the invitation to became a citizen. She eventually joined Kate Pryde’s crew of Marauders, a team of mutants responsible for rescuing at-risk mutants who were trapped inside hostile countries and unable to reach Krakoa.

Tempo first appeared in Nnew Mutants #86 by Louise Simonson and Rob Liefeld. She was revealed to be a lesbian in Marauders Annual #1 by Steve Orlando and Creees Lee, but in the alternate “Age Of X” reality created by Legion’s reality warping powers Tempo had previously been implied to be gay in X-Men Legacy #245 by Mike Carey and Clay Mann.

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February 29, 2024
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