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Task Force: Gaea – Finding Balance


LAND O’LAKES, FL – David Berger proudly offers his first fantasy novel, Task Force: Gaea — Finding Balance, available now on

Task Force: Gaea is a compelling chronicle of how the folly of the gods reshapes history, and only mortals — thousands of years later — can hope to fix that which an angry goddess destroyed.

When Zeus fails to ask the ancient goddess Nyx for guidance in establishing Mount Olympos, she destroys the Sacred Scales, unhinging the cosmic balance. A victim of this chaos, Apollo falls prey to Zeus’ wrath, sentenced to a life of mortality. His new journey makes him question his godhood in existential ways as well as his views on humanity. Prophecy and the Fates direct his course, and he must make difficult, yet vital, choices. Thousands of years later, prophecy demands that four mortals restore the Order, even if it means they might never have existed. Can mortals succeed where gods dare not go?

“This story twists the ancient myths we grow up with,” Berger says, “where what the reader knows about the Olympian gods, or thinks he knows, is challenged in fresh and curious ways. One god’s journey and actions unimaginably affects the entire universe.”

Berger took from childhood experiences to create this saga. “My own fascination with Greek mythology and comic books helped bring this story to life. If it weren’t for characters like Wonder Woman or ancient heroes like Perseus, this story couldn’t have come to life.”

Twenty-five years in the making, this magical tale brings together not only the grandeur of Olympos, but also the pettiness, and redefines fate in the process.


David Berger teaches AP English Literature and International Baccalaureate English at Land O’ Lakes High School in Land O’ Lakes, FL, and lives with his partner, Gavi, and their two cats.

The author may be contacted via email at tchrofengl at gmail dot com

March 7, 2015
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