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Tara Algren & Bethany Flynn

Contributed by Ronald Byrd

Tara and Bethany, a interracial lesbian couple who are both writers for the Midnight Sun tabloid, are turned into vampires by the recently resurrected Dracula. Oddly, when Dracula clashes with the vampire hunter Blade and vampiric challenger Aaron Thorne, the two women do not join the fray and, in fact, apparently slip away unnoticed. It is not known what became of them.

Tara and Bethany possess superhuman strength, the ability to change shape into bats or mist, invulnerability to most forms of physical attack, and other such abilities common to the vampires of the Marvel Universe.

The women are shown to be lesbians in Blade the Vampire Hunter #2

Their first of two appearances is in Blade the Vampire Hunter #1 (1994). The following issue shows them as a couple.

Created by Ian Edginton and Douglas Wheatley. Art by Wheatley, Chris Ivy, and Tom Ziuko.

All rights reserved Marvel Comics

September 26, 2021
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