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Sworn #1

Writer C. J. Evans
Artist Silvano
Class Comics
$7.99 (less if ordered through the Class website)

Superheroes. Spandex. Sex. Those are the 3 “S’s” of many a gay man’s interest in comics. Take those elements and throw into the mix a couple first time heroes who happen to be the sons of two hot superhero dads (AKA SHDILF) who’re also sworn enemies and their respective teams and you’ve got the foundation for Sworn, one of the latest erotic comics from Class.

Writer Evans’ story focuses on two young protaganists: the dark haired, doe-eyed, innocent twink Calais and the tatted, red head skater bad boi Slammer whose family comes from the school of hard knocks. Evans opens with a traditional face off between the senior heroes and villains banging each other with fists and ray beams before each team’s most junior member come rushing in to trade blows and banter with the other. When Slammer takes off, daddy Argonaut (is there some sexual tension there between Argonaut and his opposite number Frac?) orders his son Calais to track down and bring him in.

Calais very much wants to prove himself and literally throws himself at Slammer in mid-flight, the pair crashing to the ground. What happens next is something you’ll never see happen to a male character in a superhero comic. Slammer’s costume has been literally ripped to shreds to expose his hairy loins and uncut manhood. Sure, it seems gratuitous, and Evans could play it for laughs or jump right to sex, but he holds off. His dialog and Silvano’s art infuse the characters with emotions ranging from anger, embarrassment, and gratitude for Slammer to pride, sympathy, in Calais. Well-intentioned if not exactly sensible, Calais offers to bring Slammer back to the Saviors’ phallic tower headquarters to fetch some spare clothes for the naked hottie. Compassion soon gives way to questioning eyes, roaming hands, and hot sex as Slammer seduces and guides pristine Calais in his first sexual experience. Slammer assures Calais he’s a natural in mid-air acrobatics just before they’re nearly discovered by silver daddy Argonaut and the rest of the Saviors. While Slammer escapes to plan a rescue of his team, Calais wonders what the feelings welling up in him are while realizing he may have betrayed his father and team.

Sworn is several notches above the typical erotic comic, which is not to say that others don’t accomplish their goal. To get my undivided attention an erotic comic has to hook more than just my libido. Evans does that by rising above the standard tropes of both fisticuffs and fuck scenes by giving emotional depth to Slammer and Calais. We’re not talking a classical literature benchmark here, but the range of expressions are very believable. Silvano’s style is dynamic and expressive. He’s very adept at conveying body language and  bringing Evans’ emotional cues to life. Like body hair? While not as hairy as bears or otters, these guys sport a good amount, including a hairy spot in the small of the back, a detail I appreciate very much. And yes, Silvano draws eye popping, groin throbbing naked bodies solo and together engaged in sex.

Are this spandex bursting gay “Romeo and Juliet” couple destined for love or a doomed relationship? I’m rooting for another chapter, the sooner the better, and turgid scene with SHDILF Argonaut and Frac. I’ll point you to the Sworn mini site for a 5 page preview in case you think my review may be biased.

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