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Super Marriage Woes

A while back I posted a scanned panel from World’s Finest #157 that featured Superman and Batman in one of those charming and sometimes whacky imaginary stories DC is known for publishing in the 60s. The story’s basic premise is Superman and Batman marry Lois Lane and Kathy Kane respectively and each couple are faced with the dilemma of each raising young son to carry on the mantle of the fathers. Hilarity ensues when expectations are overturned. Pick up WF #154 if you decide to go the back issue route because it’s the introductory story.

The other day Ed Natcher surprised me with an email that included his version of the panel with new dialog. And a wonderful surprise it was too! Ed has a reputation for creating new dialog and story lines inspired by comics. Many of his pieces, like this one, have been featured over at Prism and Ed has contributed Father’s Gay and Harmed Forces here at Gayleague. Enjoy!


March 7, 2015
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