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Sticky Graphic Novels & Class Comics Partnership

Class Comics is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Dale Lazarov and his awesome collection of Sticky Graphic Novels! Dale Lazarov is the masterful writer and art director of a large collection of silent, sexy graphic novels and mini-comics illustrated by a host of talented artists.

You just might recognize some of his co-creators as artists who have already collaborated on some of our Class Comics titles such as Martin Chan, Adam Graphite, William O. Tyler, Michael Broderick, and Jeff Jacklin! This partnership will also introduce you to some creators who are brand new to Class Comics such as Steve MacIsaac, Amy Colburn, Drub, Bastian Jonsson, Yann Duminil, Alessio Slominsky, Mauro Mariotti, Janos Janecki, Bo Revel, Si Arden, Chas Hunter, Jason A. Quest, Kardyman, Foxy Andy, Dustin Craig, Amir TheAmir, Jean-Paul Jennequin and Player!

Dale’s titles have been published by Bruno Gmunder in hardcover editions and previously available digitally through several companies on the internet. Unfortunately, finding a home online that was wholeheartedly welcoming of gay erotic materials for the long run proved challenging. Each time that Dale made his Sticky Graphic Novels available, they were taken down for breaking a site’s regulations or for being “too offensive” for particular viewers.

Those dark times are over! We think that the Sticky Graphic Novels collection and Class Comics are a match made in Heaven. Dale’s stories perfectly balance the erotic and sexual with an emphasis on the pure love between men. We solemnly promise to not suddenly drop them for fear of offending our sensitive readers. In fact, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to bring Sticky Graphic Novels to our readers — some of whom may discover these amazing comics for the first time.

The first five Sticky Graphic Novels which will be available in early August are “Fast Friends” with art by Michael Broderick, “Greek Love” with art by Adam Graphite, “Pardners” with art by Bo Revel, “Peacock Punks” with art by Mauro Mariotti and Janos Janecki, and “Tuckered” with art by Janos Janecki. Another five will follow shortly after that!

Check out Class Comics and Sticky Graphic Novels!

August 4, 2015
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