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Starman III

Contributed by Ronald Byrd

Mikaal Tomas (AKA Michael Thomas), a pacifist among a blue-skinned alien warrior race, came to Earth over two decades ago to defend our world against invasion. In this capacity, he becomes known as Starman, and later information indicates that he was the third super-hero to use that name. When his race’s efforts are finally thwarted, Mikaal relocates to Opal City and is drawn into an empty life of drugs and disco until he is confronted by the alien Komak, who claims that he and Mikaal are the last survivors of their race. Fighting Komak to the death, Mikaal is abducted that same night by unidentified parties. His fate thereafter is largely unknown until he surfaced in a Turk County freak show, his memory and voice gone.

Rescued by Jack Knight, the current Starman, Mikaal eventually regains his faculties and becomes the hero’s ally both in Opal City and in their outer space adventure. He also falls in love with an African-American man named Tony. Mikaal had previously been involved with a woman of his race named Lyysa Jurndaal, a fellow pacifist slain prior to his arrival on Earth, indicating that his sexual orientation is bisexual or, perhaps more accurately, simply alien.

Writer James Robinson revealed in the Starman series that Mikaal’s home world is Talok III, a sister planet to Talok VIII, the home world of Shadow Lass of the Legion of Super Heroes.

Mikaal most recently appeared in the first issue of the “Justice League: Cry For Justice” mini series, written by James Robinson. Mikaal is shown arriving at a funeral home at night. He has come to see off his beloved Tony, who was killed while visiting his parents in New York during an attack on STAR Labs that involved passersby. After paying his respects, Mikaal tries to vent his anger and hurt by unleashing his power that destroys a parked car.

Starman III possesses invulnerability, limited flight, and the ability to fire sonic blasts due to the “sonic crystal” imbedded in his chest. During his initial career on Earth, he wore the crystal as a medallion, in which capacity it also served as a warning system against danger, and used “flier-pods” on his gloves to enable him to fly.

Writer James Robinson returned to Mikaal Tomas in 2009’s Justice League: Cry For Justice mini-series. Following the events in that storyline, Robinson incorporated the character as a Justice League member in issue #43 (2010). If memory serves, the writer at C2E2 made an offhand comment about giving Tomas a boyfriend.

Some of the information in this entry came from the Encyclopedia of Super-Heroes, by Jeff Rovin.

Mikaal Tomas’ creators are Gerry Conway and Mike Vosburg  and he debuted in First Issue Special #12 (1976). Mikaal and Tony are shown as lovers in Starman #45.

Art by Tony Harris, Wade Von Grawbadger, and Patricia Mulvihill. First image from Starman: Secret Files & Origins and Starman #45 (second image).

All rights reserved DC Comics. Used without permission.

September 24, 2021
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