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Star Wars Builders Book/Model Series

Star Wars Builders Millennium Falcon, Benjamin Harper writer
Star Wars Builders Droids, Cole Harper writer
Star Wars Builders Starfighters, Adam Bray writer
Matthew Hawkins paper engineer/ illustrator
Silver Dolphin Books
Ages 7 +

May the Force be with you on this Star Wars Day! Taking time to talk about several Star Wars Builder models that Silver Dolphin recently published seems right! You can see the three in their color coded cases pictured here. These model kits seem primarily aimed at children and I won’t lie about finding some appeal to them myself because they spoke to the ten year old me who loved putting model cars together! Opening the books reveals two sections: one that holds super thick card pieces with the model pieces and instructions and a book for the other part. Having really fond memories of R2D2 and C3P0 from the original movie I decided to concentrate on the Droids book and try my hand at putting together the R2D2 model. After putting on some music, pouring a ginger ale, and clearing the table I gave a quick read to the instructions and pushed out all the R2D2 related pieces. Putting it together was a simple matter of fitting numbered tabs into appropriate matching numbered slots. The slots have little cardboard piece that need to be removed in order to slide the tabs in. I used my thumbnail though an X-acto or butter knife would’ve worked a little better. Please substitute a plastic knife instead of an X-acto knife if letting a child do this on hers or his own though! Big and small pieces come out equally easily and are pre-scored to effortlessly fold into shape. My goal was to enjoy the experience of assembling this instead of doing it as quickly as possible. And I did pleasantly zone out while having warm, fuzzy memories of the first time I and a younger sibling watched Star Wars for the first time. In case you’re curious, R2D2 stands 8 inches tall and is almost 5 inches wide from leg to leg and 4 inches front to back. C3P0 is probably a foot tall while BB-8 is likely shorted than R2.

Apologies for the shadow in the photo!

The kits include a 64 page book offering highlights about its particular subject in neatly divided sections and content and index pages make finding things easy. For instance, the mechanical marvels in the Droids book appear in groups like astromech and protocol, which claim orginals R2D2 and C3P0, as well as battle, droidekas, spider, buzz, tanks, medical, mining, probes, among others. And not forgotten is everyone’s new favorite droid BB-8! Page layouts are colorful and filled with copious illustrations and photos. The type is large and easy to read. These books are rated for ages 7 and up though I believe that applies primarily to the model section. Some of the words may prove a little challenging for younger readers at first parents, aunts, uncles, or older siblings may want make time to bond over Star Wars. A quiz at the back of the books may be one of the few times a kid looks forward to being tested! The printing is high quality on thick glossy paper and the pages are machine sewn for strength and permanence. The book case object itself is nicely made and exhibits the same colorful appeal and high quality printing. I suggest storing these upright like a book and not jammed tightly together or the top spine edge may tear when the book is pulled out. If there is a downside to the production of the books it’s that they can’t be detached from the case part so you may want to find another use for the pocket section after the models are put together. Ideas that come to mind are drawings, a couple of Star Wars DVDs. or even some hand made comics.

Any of these will make a great gift for young or not so young Star Wars fans! I can picture the models making great displays on a shelf or a dresser while sparking some youthful imaginations!

Please consider supporting your local bookstore. However, Amazon’s prices are currently lower for each of the three. Use these handy links if you like! Star Wars Builders: Droids Star Wars Builders: Starfighters Star Wars Builders: Millennium Falcon

May 4, 2017
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