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Sophia Fekete And Atena

Sophia Fekete and Atena, whose last name is unknown at this time, are two characters of the greater ensemble cast in the epic fantasy Monstress by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda. In this alt Earth setting the world is populated by Ancients, humans, and Arcanics, who are also derogatorily referred to as “Halfbreeds” since they share Ancient and human parentage. These three groups are at odds with one another. Strife, tension, and distrust having led to war; the latest having ended in an increasingly uneasy truce after the destruction of the city of Constantine.

Humans live in areas under the rule of the Federation of Man while Arcanics hold allegiance to either the Dawn Court of the Dusk Court. Both Sophia and Atena are human and they’re based in the city of Zamorra. Noting their clothing and home as depicted in the first several pages of Monstress’ debut issue, Sophia and Atena have the trappings of wealth and power. They are both researchers in the Cumaea which is a religious organization dedicated to the goddess Marium and greatly respected and feared, especially by Arcanics whom Cumaeans capture or buy on the slave market and use to distill a powerful substance called Lilium. Sophia’s research background qualifies her to instruct young Cumaean novices in the morbid practice of Arcanic dissection and and other assorted cruelties. She is also consumed by the idea of Monstra and she’s convinced that Arcanics have found a way to manifest them. For Atena’s part, she exasperatedly continues to remind her lover about the lack of evidence of Monstra.

Sophia is the daughter of Yvette Lo Lim who herself once had connections with the Arcanic Moriko Halfwolf (the mother of Monstress’ main protagonist Maika Halfwolf) at a time when humans and Arcanics had civil relations. Atena’s brother Resak is in their employ. While he may have many duties, he’s first seen as a handler working with Arcanics.

Maika Halfwolf exploits Sophia’s position and family to get to Lo Lim while dealing a terrible blow to Sophia for her deeds. The nature of her injuries and treatment require a lengthy recovery. Taking advantage of the situation allows Atena and her brother Resak the opportunity to work secretly in aiding Arcanics. How they became involved in this mission is untold just as what fate may await them if they’re discovered remains to be told. Atena is either deeply devoted to Sophia and conflicted or she is a skillful deep cover asset.

Please read the profiles for Maika Halfwolf and Tuya, Captain Syryssa, the Thyrian Blood Queens and the Queen of Wolves.

Monstress is an ongoing series which has been collected in three volumes to date. Look for them at your local comic shop or book store or find them on Amazon.

Created by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda. Their first appearances are in Monstress #1 and indication of their relationship is most obvious in issue #5. They appear to be lesbian though one or both might also be bisexual or pansexual, assuming our terms for sexual identity can be applied.

Art by Sana Takeda

All rights reserved marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda.

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