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Someone Somewhere

Lucy, Mary Lou, and Grace are the bestest BFFs ever! As little girls they tested their newly found fashion sense, creating stunning ensembles from their mothers’ June Cleaver style wardrobes. Pajama parties where the girls dissected their latest dates with different boys were a regular event, except Grace made it clear she was fixated on finding and catching “the absolutely perfect right boy”. You know, the guy who embodies the ideals of 1950s masculinity: handsome, charming, rich, and loving.  At least those are the ideals Grace think men should have. As they grew up, Mary Lou and Lucy got tired listening to Grace stick to her dream and dissing the men she dated. In return Grace didn’t pass up a chance to deliver sly catty comments about her friends’ dates. Grace’s subtle bitchery didn’t stop Lucy and Mary Lou from marrying, and she soon found herself feeling left out of their lives. Poor thing! All those years of fantasizing about the perfect guy compared to the realities of her two friends is too much to take and she has a break from reality.

Or does she? At a party thrown by Mary Lou and husband Howie, Grace finds herself falling for the charms and smooth looks of Tim Eldridge. After a few dates and a little making out in his car she believes that “at last love had come into my life!”

But you know how things can turn around! Her bestest BFFs have a shocking secret they can barely wait to unload on Grace.

“Gay, meaningless fling”?! Tim likes dick?

Dammit! Of course not. This is a comic printed in 1957 after all. Gay just means happy and carefree. Grace succeeded in convincing herself that her friends are just being mean until the day of Lucy’s wedding and she learned Tim had skipped town.

Later that day Lucy took the opportunity to drive home her long standing point by tossing her bouquet directly to Grace, driving her into a solitary crying jag later that night. Months filled with nursing her humiliation and long walks pass. Then one day her wall of self-pity comes tumbling down when an average Joe retrieves Grace’s scarf fallen to the ground.

The moral of the story for me is that it’s good to have standards but don’t set them so high that you end up thinking you’ll find omens in the clouds. And this guy isn’t as hot as Tim was, but he’ll probably cook you breakfast, has a big dick, knows how to use it, and as Dan Savage says, is GGG!

Someone, Somewhere was printed in Girls’ Love Stories #49, September 1957. Writer and artist are uncredited. © DC Comics. All rights reserved.

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