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Solem is a mutant from Arakko who has Adamantium skin.

When Solem was a child his village was raided by the mutant pirate Sevyr Blackmore, who abducted him with the intention of selling him. When young Solem proved impossible to contain, escaping from any cage, cells or chains, Blackmore took an interest and decided to train him as a thief, smuggler, raider and killer. Solem also proved to be a natural seducer, knowing how to please and attract anyone he meets. Years later Solem eventually turned on his mentor, cutting off Blackmore’s nose and stealing his ship.

One hundred years ago Solem had an affair with Bracken, the husband of War from the ruling family of Arakko. Bracken was ashamed of his liaison with Solem and later insulted and challenged him, and Solem killed him in their duel. Solem was imprisoned in the pit of the Tower Of Broken Will, and War left him with her late husband’s Hellblade in the hope that the solitude would lead to Solem killing himself with the blade. However Solem quite enjoyed his time in captivity, as various adoring Arakkii would visit him, providing gifts and companionship.

War was forced to release Solem when he was one of the chosen individuals to participate in the Ten Of Swords challenge between Arakko and Earth’s mutant nation of Krakoa. Solem met his opponent Wolverine when they were both attempting to acquire a Muramasa Blade for the competition, but Muramasa had been enslaved by The Hand and their demonic master The Beast. Solem and Logan were forced to cooperate to get their hands on the swords, but in the process Wolverine was caught by The Beast. Solem agreed to help him escape and take one of the blades in exchange for a favour to be called in at a later time.

Solem cashed in that favour during the Ten Of Sword competition, making Logan fight in his place when Solem was paired off in a fight against War. Solem twisted the knife before departing by letting slip to War that Wolverine had just killed her son in a prior match of the contest.

After the tournament was concluded Solem managed to slip away to Earth and has been pursuing his own agenda ever since, with multiple run-ins with Wolverine. Solem is a hedonist whose pursuit of pleasure overrides any sense of morality. Although he is a highly skilled fighter and his Adamantium skin makes him both invulnerable and super-strong, he prefers manipulation or stealthy strikes to direct combat. He is pansexual and has had dozens if not hundreds of lovers of all genders. He has also expressed a sexual interest in Wolverine.

Solem first appeared in Wolverine vol.7 #6 by Benjamin Percy and Viktor Bogdanovic, and was designed by Jonathan Hickman and Pepe Larraz.

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December 22, 2023
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