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So Good To See You Again, Vi & Ayla

Flip through the pages of Legion of Super Heroes #6 (in stores 10/20/10) and nearly half way through the book Shrinking Violet and Lightning Lass appear together. An otherwise average scene if not for Vi’s hand resting on Ayla’s hip while she tells Ultra Boy and Phantom Girl who are off panel that she’s taking Ayla back to her home world Imsk for the holidays. The scene brings back memories of Vi and Ayla’s relationship depicted during Tom and Mary Bierbaum’s time as Legion writers, and I hope this is a tease from current writer Paul Levitz that he’ll put the two women back together.

Vi and Ayla, it really is so good to see you again!

Art by Francis Portela
Art by Francis Portela
October 22, 2010
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