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Skyppi the Skrull

Contributed by Ronald Byrd

Although born “physically unsuitable” for combat, Skyppi serves the Skrull Empire as a maintenance worker for two centuries before fleeing to avoid being sent to a termination center, where Skrulls who are old and no longer “useful” are slain. Skyppi’s unspecified “unsuitability” for

combat leads one to wonder if the Skrull militia has some of the same restrictions as that of the United States. Finding haven on the planet Deniciere in the Orion Galaxy [sic], Skyppi assumes the identity of a beautiful human named Shasha and does well as a fashion model until inadvertently exposed by the Greek god Hercules and his robot sidekick the Recorder in 2385. Skyppi joins the adventuring pair and, despite his quirks such as a preferance to assume female forms, including that of a little girl, to avoid anti-Skrull sentiment, he becomes a valuable ally. Skyppi never displays any real romantic interest in anyone of either gender. While disguised as a green-skinned woman, he seems rather troubled by the attentions of the amorous Eternal Starfox,but his preference for feminine form is at least suggestive. Moreover, when the Recorder comments that Hercules does quite well at romancing women, Skyppi responds, “To tell you the truth, tin-britches…I wouldn’t know!”

Like most Skrulls, Skyppi has the power to assume any form that he can imagine, whether humanoid, animal, or inanimate. He travels alongside Hercules and the Recorder in the enchanted chariot of Apollo, drawn by flying carnivorous horses.

Skyppi first appeared in Hercules #1, vol. 2, set in known space of the 24th century. This was during the early period of Jim Shooter’s duties as Marvel editor-in-chief. In light of the recent revelation that Hercules and Northstar hooked up it makes you wonder if Hercules and Skyppi might’ve done the same.

It should be noted that Skyppi’s gender bending appeared decades before Xavin and Karolina Dean became star crossed loves in Runaways and Wiccan and Hulkling became boyfriends in Young Avengers.

Update: Skyppi has most recently appeared in Bob Layton’s 2010 Hercules: Twilight Of A God mini series. Based on a cursory look through issues to date Skyppi seems to appear only in his original Skrull form and male gender.

Skyppi’s creator is Bob Layton. Art by Layton and Christie Scheele from Hercules #1 (volume 2).

All rights reserved Marvel Comics.

September 25, 2021
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