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Sistah Spooky

Contributed by Mike McDermott

Sistah Spooky is a powerful witch, who serves as one of the senior members of the Super-Homeys team.

As a high school student, Theresa was made made to feel unattractive and worthless as a physically underdeveloped black girl among a class filled with beautiful blonde girls.  She made a deal with a demon, selling her soul in exchange for magically-enhanced beauty (and learned that most of her classmates had already made the same deal).  Her Infernal Service Provider made a mistake when he completed her paperwork though, and accidentally gave her far too much power.  Theresa refused to give back the extra power and used it to become the mystical superhero Sistah Spooky, despite the objections of the demon who begged her not to use it so his superiors wouldn’t discover the mistake.  Sistah Spooky quickly became one of the most feared and respected members of the Super-Homeys.

Spooky’s experiences in school left her with a permanent bias towards blondes, which has impacted her relationships with a few of her teammates.  She ended up developing a secret romance with telepathic teammate Mindf*ck, despite the fact that Mindf*ck is a beautiful blonde, but the relationship was ultimately torn apart by Spooky’s insecurities.  Besides her hatred of blondes, Spooky also has such low self-esteem that she couldn’t believe that anyone could truly love her, so she pushed Mindf*ck away and broke up with her.

Spooky has also taken her blonde-bias out on associate member Empowered (Emp, for short).  Emp is disrespected by most of her collegues for her unreliable powers and tendency to get captured and tied up, but Spooky has gone out of her way to be particularily cruel to her.  She even went so far as to sleep with the man who would ultimately be the love of Emp’s life a month before he meets Emp (thanks to one of her divination spells revealing the upcoming relationship to her) in a petty attempt to sabotage Emp’s happiness.  Spooky’s relationship with Emp has started to improve thanks to Mindf*ck though–she befriended Emp, and told Spooky that Emp is nothing like Spooky’s former schoolmates.  The recent death of Mindf*ck has brought Spooky and Emp a bit closer as well; Emp was the only one Spooky could talk to about her grief since she was the only other Super-Homey that knew she and Mindf*ck had been a couple.

After Mindf*ck’s death Spooky has retreated into herself, not participating in Super-Homey activities, and sitting by herself for hours on end.  She has discovered that Mindf*ck left a telepathic echo of herself programmed into Spooky’s memories, so Spooky spends her days  interacting with the personality fragment of her late lover.

Spooky was recently contacted by her demonic Infernal Service Provider, who tormented her with the claim that Mindf*ck’s soul was now trapped in hell with him.  He indicated that he might be able to release Mindf*ck from hell if Spooky would renegotiate her contract and give up her extra mystic powers.  What Spooky will do about this situation remains to be seen.

Sistah Spooky first appeared in Empowered vol 1 and is outed in vol 4.

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